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And, now I know what Punk means to me.

My birthmonth has come and gone but learning and change in non-stop. I've been through a lot on an emotional level but in a way more progressive light since I've decided to stay in Minneapolis. A dumb job, an abusive relationship, and depressed timid roommates. It's all paying off, though. For everything I'm going through I'm getting my health taken care of and I'm learning a lot in the Twin Cities. I'm also digging in a place in the Punk community here.

Speaking on the art side of most things, I've decided to get into Zines. The world of self-publishing my stories and expressions! I already have a big notebook deicated to zine ideas, and it's not full, but I think i have at least 2 ready to start at anytime. Any of them are going to be a mix of art and text, but I have a few strictly art zines planned. They may not stay that way. but it's my production so I can do whatever I want!

A lot of the subjects are going to be things I've blogged or vlogged about in the past. Some issues I've been looking at for a long time, with a development in my thinking of them, as well. There's really so much to go around, but I have a common tagline for my Zines to help them stand out and be a signature thing to my name. I feel like that's important to me, in self-publishing. To make my place in the world of self-publishing. It may not be an original stamp I'm putting on it. Far from original, but it's mine and that's how I'll know it's me.

The topics are in a wide varity, I'd like to think. There are the letters to my past self.  Being a working homeless person, in my most recent issues.Being black and enjoying things labeled as "white" as something that's thrown in my face by ignorance people since I was a teenager. Learning languages, and sex education - things that have been important to me for a long time because they are important in terms of communication. Some fanzines about anime and certain animes. Interest zines for biking and parkour planned, so far. Some political zines, that might have pictues, but will still somehow be fashionable.

I don't have anything directly subjected on rape, but I feel like I already talk about that a lot from a very standard stand point. I'll likely make a zine about it when I've come up with way to combat and pervent rape instead of saying the same things I've been saying for years. My usually rape talk and about staticis, how society acts towards it, and how likely certain people are to be victims. I want a zine to be about how society can be progressive about the issue and supportive and things places trying to do to make survivers more comfortable in everyday life. I want to take a more progressive look at life after rape than rape itself. Resocurses, promoting mental health care, and stuff like that.

In the meantime, I've been up to a lot with getting to know some local rtists. It's not had to find art events in the Twin Cities! In fact, today is the second workshop are setting up the art Exhibition for the various art workshops held over the summer for transgender artists! WHOOP! WHOOP!
01 June 2016 @ 03:37 pm
It's LGBTQ Pride Month and I'm considering letting that be a drive narrative for my creative works this month. The public library system here is going to be the venue for various LGBTQ themed creative workshops that I look forwork to attending!

It just started killing me to not be able to draw whenever I want. I have some many ideas and fanfic scene I want to illistrit and put out! I have some many different for the same characters, I want to see them you know?!I truely love everything I do - giving myself a hard tijme about "not being thing enough" has been a thing long since past! Drawing in conjuction with my creative writing, so if I can't draw my motivitation for writing is affected because I visualize thinga as I go and a lot of those things want to come out on their own. I do random scenes and promotional art from my stories. I need art supplies! I'm burning inside!

I remember the first theme of fanfic for Undertale I mde a few doodles of. It's the one were Frisk has body dysphoria. There's  scene in the story where Frisk's shirt gets ripped up in the front and they ball up and cry because their chest is exposed and their opponet mocks them and the other characters in the fight for their flaws and shame. I'm not done with that story, and I haven't even gotten to the planned scene but it was the driving image behind why the story was started. Another story that I was looking to have  alot of art is Frisk returning to the Underground after a neutarl run with friends to help them and achieves a better ending. I want to do promo art for the stories I'm done with and will be releasing soon!

I also want to do art or Frisk and the Red Stone and I have some comic ideas swimming around.

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Red Stone:
The Red Stone is something of an easter egg in plain sight. It's behind the door of the music puzzle.
I like this thing, so when I think how it could be useful I have Frisk find it without the dog absorbing it. This is very much in the "untapped potential" of a story device. The stone can seriously do ANYTHING way want because there's written about it, and it's so sad how I see people ignore it! It makes me SAD in my BONES!

Comic Sans:
People are very into Sans's depression, bad pun, and ecto-sex organs but nobody talks about Sans the successful comic. That's seriously his job, and no one talks about it. I've seen people talk about Sans magically getting other jobs, but no one addresses his PASSION.

Genderqueen and Intersex Frisk:
Having a sex and being non-gender comforming. Intersex has been around since people, and there are a lot of intersex people, today. It's a one in 5,000 accurance, from what I understand, and yet no one talks about it. One in 5,000 is a lot of people! And, there's a lot of different types of intersex conditions. This is one of those things where our lack of awareness and understanding of human sexuality, idenity, and physiology really stands out in a "burning glare" type of way. The expressions of Frisk and the first child are so vast yet so limited.

The dynamics of the ghost cosins:
We know there's 3 cosins, but that's a possiblity for more to the family. There's more to the other AU versions of characters that are being left out of the hype. Most of the focus is on MTT and Nap.
26 May 2016 @ 12:43 pm
I've been looking around for a bit, and the fandom isn't really going for being in the "before" era of the story. Far and few I come across people willing to go into something of a backstory or simple reason why Frisk went to Mt. Ebott, even though at the end of the Good Kid run that subject is brought up.

Frisk is a huge temple type of character that the fanbase is freely running with (thought I'm very disappointed in how stereotypcial and inside the box people are with sex and gender, so it's not that "free") but I we still have a lot missing for everything that's been presented.

I have a short list of backstories and reasons. Some just explainations because I like to bring up stuff no one esle talks about. Some are backstories tyied into the current story and has an effect of the different events that happen, like one's where Frisk can use magic or weapons.

My list of backstories:
Frisk ran to the mt to escape domestic violence.

Frisk's family died and they didn't want to go to an orphanage, so they went to Mt Ebott where no one would dare come look for them.

Frisk was rasied by a single mother that used fire magic. When they're house is attacked, Frisk's mother dies in battle and the house is burned down. All Frisk's remembers is their mother telling them to run, so they did. By the time Frisk stopped running they were in the mt area, and continued to run until they fell inside with the monsters. In the device, Frisk has Earth magic.

Frisk goes up to the mt because no one else goes up there and they went to be the first to go up to the mt and come back down to tell the tale. THE UNDERTALE!

Frisk is sent to the Mt as a test of adulthood. They were also told to kill whatever they find and bring it back as proof that they went.

Frisk has heard of Character/ Player/ First Child and the other 6 fabled children that when to the mt and never came back. Frisk goes to investigate the mt and look for the children's bodies.

Frisk is related to one of the pervious 7 children that fell and goes to look for them or anything left of them.

Frisk is from a tride that fells energy easily. It is said that their is an evil energy inside the mt that will one day destory the plante. Frisk takes it upon themselves to seek and destory the terrible energy. Spoliers: The energy is the first child's wicked soul.

Frisk's village is destoried in a raid and they are one of the few surivivors of the event. All the survivors leave what left of the village and go their seperate, leaving Frisk to go to Mt. Ebott. All the survivors are children, and the others go look for other towns and people to take care of them.

I think all that's pretty good, for now.
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26 May 2016 @ 10:13 am
I'm all out of stuuf! No paper, pencils, not even the clipbroad, anymore. now seems like a good tikme to get back to the bottom and work my way up. Revisiting old things will help me see what's important to me now. Coloring book and crayons. Line ruled paper and color pencils. The good old stuff. I see that I haven't been much self-motived in creating and finishing things. I think back to how enthusict I use to be wonder what happened. I know a lot has can't but things have gone wrong, and I seem to have gone with them. No more will that be. I'm going to get right with myself.
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25 May 2016 @ 09:59 pm
2 things I've noticed about the Undertale fandom in it's still early stages. There's a lot of love for Flowey but not much love for the neutarl endings in Undertale. Not a lot of love for Asgore, either. Asgore is usually "that guy" take can't over his ex or move on from the past. I noticed that Asgore doesn't get a lot of explaination in the game, and isn't expressioned that much in the others. The only 2 people that really know Asgore that are willing to talk about him are Undyne and the turtle. We know Asgore is nice and is doing something by reluctant will but we don't get to know Asgore like we get to know the others.

I want to do something Asgore and Flowey related. I have a story planned that is set up after a neutarl ending that turns into a gold run. I've started it but I'm going to re-write it becasue blah.

I'm currently crafting a story that has a highlight on Flowey and explosed more on Asgore as it goes along, in a very uncanny setting! WACKYZANNYFUNTIMEEVERYBOOTY!

I'm trying to think up more stuff that's Frisk x Asgore themed. I have 2 animation set things, both of them to songs I've recently come across. One is how Frisk and Asgore's relationship is kind of blurred between King/ King's assisstance, Father/ Abopted offspring, and relucantly blooding into lovers even though it's weird for both of them. The other is more in the King/ King's assisstant relationship where Asgore messes some stuff up and Frisk has to bail him out and is upset with him but always forgives him and ends on a "mixed relationships" note. That's more of an animation or comic than a writing piece because of the structure I have fit to the song - i see a music video.

About my old stuff:

I'm going to start reading over and fixing the stories I've already made and post them to the public! I've looked over some of it, and I like what I've done! It's matter of corrections and editing details now. I don't know when I'll start but it will be soon and I'll likely post the stories over the summer. The new stuff I'm currently working on may not see the light of interenet for a while.

That's it for now!
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12 April 2016 @ 03:07 pm
A new idea has taken quick form in my head, very inspried by The 7 Deadly Sins anime. It doesn't sit well with me how sexualy assualted the female characters in the anime are, so I want to make a more powerful version of it. It's an idea sitting on the backburner for a while, as I have other projects of more enerigitic means to work on. It's not hard to change some characters and themes. I guess I want a feminist version of the show where it's not ok with sexually assault and rape anyone, more female characters, and more female characters with stronger roles. I'll think of something good, but for now it's a lightly rolling idea.
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12 April 2016 @ 03:01 pm
I hada dream a few weeks ago and a person that was a trans woman surviving a zombie outbreak in one universe and a cis man living a "normal" life in another. Somehow they were able to connect with each other in their dreams. They could see random pieces of each other lives when one or both of them went through a truamatic event.

Chinese New Year, Year of the MON(K)EY!
May good fortune, peace, and properity to bless upon you all!

I'll start off with the story I'll be re-working.

There's this OLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLD story that was very heavily inspired by Neon Genesis Eva, that I've decided to tear down and rebuild with the main inspriation being Bubblegum Crisis. I'm not interest in drawing gaint robots, which is a big reason why I was putting it off so hard. I don't know why I love the idea of robot armor suits so much more, but I do! The characters will be the same, for the most part, but I'm going to be less pychological and tormenting. The change in insprirsation and theme means a heavy change in characters and story. That means a whole new development process, now.

I'm also only going to do 2 stories instead of 3. The second story using the same character bases is still heavily insprided by NGE: AC, but that is subject to change. I've come to the point where I want to get away from NGE being a leading inspriation for anything I produce. There are many other productions that I enjoy more (like BGC), and I will them the recongition they deserve!

This story has been sitting for since 2013, and I still want something to come of it. I'm glad that I'm allowing more ideas to come into play. For as old as this concept is I want to be happy with it and produce something I'm proud of.


Now, for the new!

I've recently come across a show, that I very much dislike and has insprised me to make a better story with it as the leading inspriation. I hate the plot, dailog, and character design. Uniform stereotypical white kids - skinny, heterosexual, cisgender, middle to upper class, no real problems outside of their own bubble of irresponiblity. Every villain is easy, and there's little to no character development. Shit just happens.

I'm taking the base of the story and turning it into something dynamic and challenging, and calling forth all creativity to make something mind-blowing happen! If that's not over rated enough, I'm also going to throw in some sexuality, because this is teenagers, and it's stupid to not have that at the point of sexually discovery in a person's life!

I have 3 completely different stories branching for this one idea, so far. The first more closely based off the original content, with much darker themes (among other major changes). The second seemling reaching into NGE: AC AND BGC concepts, and then just turning into a cyberpunk anarchy nightmare. The third starts off normal like the second and stays normal longer, but shit gets real or unreal. I've already planned out character deaths for the 1st and 2nd. The 2nd set is going to be the shortest. So far, I don't want anyone to die in the 3rd set, but knowing me someone probably will.

More details to come! Let's go, 2016!
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14 January 2016 @ 01:35 pm
I'm sitting here typing ideas, and it just dawned on me that i haven't told this blog anything! I just said "I'm in the Undertale thingy" and I've been doing stuff. Now, for what that stuff is.

Fic that are complete and need to been proof-read and edited:

Male!Frisk is a traveler that has returned home (to the monsters) and finds they've missed alot in such a short time.
Frisk x Sans
*Spin-off of that: I through in some Rev Girl Utena, and I have a spin off a battle that takes place in that story, but I processed with the rest of the story after the battle. I put the battle off to it's own story installment. If people dobn't want to read they dobn't have to turn to skip chapters within the main story post.
Frisk x Sans, mentions of past Toriel x Sans


Male!Frisk is discovering a sexually active body and falls for a blue haired dancer. Sans sits very uncomfortably as this happened.
Frisk x Sans
*Second story mode concept: The original writing is in 3rd person, but i'm considering re-writing this story all for Sans pov.

Fic WIP:

Female!Frisk is having body negativity issues, and straves themselves to hendire bodily development. The others find out, and elect to help Frisk with the fears of the changes they are going through. Sans' depression is going to play a role in something later, but I don't know yet.

Frisk x Sans

Concents and ideas:

Female!Frisk from a neutarl run returns to the Undertale world with some friends to see if they can help break the barrier for the monsters. Frisk also can't help but feel like there is unfinished business to attend to. Flowey tries to convice everyone that doesn't know Frisk that they have returned with friends to kill the monsters, and is able to round up a group of enemies to kill them for their souls to break the barrier. The monsters have learned fusion which inceases the difficulty of getting through everything to break the barrier.

Meanwhile, Frisk openly expresses their feelings for Sans in a romantic way, while have sexual tension with one of their friends. As Frisk sends more time with Toriel and Alphys they learn more about the first human and Asriel. As they talk to Sans and Papyrus they learn about Dr. Gaster. They use what they've learn with their new magic and the power of all their friends - new and old - to stop Flowey, bring back Asgore, and break the barrier.
mention of past Toriel x Sans, Frisk x Sans, OC x Papyrus, Undyne x Alphys

***************************************************************************************************************************************** Concept that I might not do:

Flowey tricks Intersex!Frisk into reseting, but instead of the timeline starting over they are thrown into an alternate world! They are seperated when they land in the new underground, and Flowey is attacked immidately. Flowey finds that Frisk hasn't moved since they landed in the alternate world, and knowegldes that it's made a horrible mistake. When Frisk finally awakens they see a beaten and disstressed Flowey and find that they've lost their power of determination, and most relearn it. In this world, the monsters actually seeking to kill them.

After they escape the ruins and Alt-Toriel (who tries to posion them with her food) they run into Alt Sans and Alt Papyrus. The alt-brothers try to kidnap and kill Frisk, but Alt-Sans slowly develops feelings for Frisk and wants to destory the Frisk's purity by influencing them to kill (his brother). The next thing I have planned is that Flowey and Alt-Asriel meet and Flowey "somehow" turns into Asriel and they fight... and for whatever reason the fight breaks Frisk of of the Alt-world, but Flowey no longer exists with them. All the while of this everyone is worried about where Frisk has gone. Afterwards, it's just happy ending with Frisk surrounded by their releaved loved ones.

Frisk x Sans - romantically, Frisk x Alt - Sans - one-sides and non-con on Alt - Sans' end.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (More) REV GIRL UTENA UNIVERSE:

Intersex!Frisk leaves the monsters after setting them free and joins RGU's school, Ohtori High. This is the base-line for all these ideas.

After the events of RGU storyline:

Frisk is being sought after to be the new lady-princess without a princess to save. Frisk doesn't think of it that way, and UNRELATEDLY finds themselves attracted to Mickie and Juri. Meanwhile, Alphys finds out where Frisk went and Sans and Papyrus are sent to see if they can convince Frisk to return to the monster's town. (I might put them in human comeo for the mission, or monsters can just be accepted into the school AS GAWD INTENTED!) Sans pays special attention to Frisk's love interests and has a fit of jealously before coming to terms with his own feelings. Sans vows to protect his human from this ambigously powerful students with mysterious intentions.

Frisk ends up following in Utena's footsteps when they have to save their love interests from people trying to corrupt them. (I want to leave the battle event as a surprise! It's going to be a surprise to me as while, because i don't have that planned yet!) When they awaken from the final battle they agree to go back to the village with the skeleton brothers. Awaiting them is Mickey, who has intergrated himself into the monster's town and helps with various educational activities in toriel's school - mostly the music and math teacher, and afterschool tutor.

Frisk confresses to Mickey about their feelings, but Mickey declines them. While Frisk is down about that, Sans confesses his feelings towards Frisk. Frisk inisallyhandles the confession with disbelief, but they warm up to Sans as time goes on.

Dreaming Frisk x Mickey, Dreaming Frisk x Juri, Shiori x Juri, Frisk x Sans, Undyne x Alphys


Intersex!Frisk joins the school DURING the events of RGU storyline, and meets Utena right before the end of her story. After Utena falls and Anthy leaves to search for her, Frisk, Nanami, [the boy the use to like Nanami], Micky, Wakabe, and – make heir own student counsel, and ignores most of “End of World's” orders – knowing who he is. The new student counsel ends up being run by Akio's to-be-spose to take revenge on him, and rather info on where Utena and Anthy might be.

Everyone from the previous counsel, except Mickey, graduates from school during the story. Nanami's underlings leave the school to start their own gang at a different school. A LOT OF STUFF WITH FEELINGS HAPPENS AMONG THE RGU CHARACTERS. Mitsuru stops liking Nanami and starts liking Mickie. Mickie gives up on his sister and moves out of the house. Nanami finds out about everything Touja did and starts to hate him, while gaining feelings for Juri. Her swords change due to the development in her feelings, and she progressively becomes a better fighter. Kozue tries to become a member of the counsel (to get back to being closer to her sibling) but Mickey and Nanami won't let her.
Over the story, Frisk starts to like Mickey and befriends Wakabe. Wakabe invited Frisk to join "a club" but Frisk declines. Like Utena, even though Frisk doesn't join the counsel they get wrapped up in their doings anyway. They become a duelish (which I have decided is still possible because of the power Dios, instead of Anthy, because I said so!)

I don't have any final events planned, yet. I don't know if they Anthy and Utena, or anything... but knowing me they probably will.
Various roles are replaces by some of the monsters. The school already excepts monster teachers, and has just started accepting monster students.

Those are all the ideas I came up with last year. I'll post the ideas I have for this year up soon!
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