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14 January 2016 @ 01:35 pm
I'm sitting here typing ideas, and it just dawned on me that i haven't told this blog anything! I just said "I'm in the Undertale thingy" and I've been doing stuff. Now, for what that stuff is.

Fic that are complete and need to been proof-read and edited:

Male!Frisk is a traveler that has returned home (to the monsters) and finds they've missed alot in such a short time.
Frisk x Sans
*Spin-off of that: I through in some Rev Girl Utena, and I have a spin off a battle that takes place in that story, but I processed with the rest of the story after the battle. I put the battle off to it's own story installment. If people dobn't want to read they dobn't have to turn to skip chapters within the main story post.
Frisk x Sans, mentions of past Toriel x Sans


Male!Frisk is discovering a sexually active body and falls for a blue haired dancer. Sans sits very uncomfortably as this happened.
Frisk x Sans
*Second story mode concept: The original writing is in 3rd person, but i'm considering re-writing this story all for Sans pov.

Fic WIP:

Female!Frisk is having body negativity issues, and straves themselves to hendire bodily development. The others find out, and elect to help Frisk with the fears of the changes they are going through. Sans' depression is going to play a role in something later, but I don't know yet.

Frisk x Sans

Concents and ideas:

Female!Frisk from a neutarl run returns to the Undertale world with some friends to see if they can help break the barrier for the monsters. Frisk also can't help but feel like there is unfinished business to attend to. Flowey tries to convice everyone that doesn't know Frisk that they have returned with friends to kill the monsters, and is able to round up a group of enemies to kill them for their souls to break the barrier. The monsters have learned fusion which inceases the difficulty of getting through everything to break the barrier.

Meanwhile, Frisk openly expresses their feelings for Sans in a romantic way, while have sexual tension with one of their friends. As Frisk sends more time with Toriel and Alphys they learn more about the first human and Asriel. As they talk to Sans and Papyrus they learn about Dr. Gaster. They use what they've learn with their new magic and the power of all their friends - new and old - to stop Flowey, bring back Asgore, and break the barrier.
mention of past Toriel x Sans, Frisk x Sans, OC x Papyrus, Undyne x Alphys

***************************************************************************************************************************************** Concept that I might not do:

Flowey tricks Intersex!Frisk into reseting, but instead of the timeline starting over they are thrown into an alternate world! They are seperated when they land in the new underground, and Flowey is attacked immidately. Flowey finds that Frisk hasn't moved since they landed in the alternate world, and knowegldes that it's made a horrible mistake. When Frisk finally awakens they see a beaten and disstressed Flowey and find that they've lost their power of determination, and most relearn it. In this world, the monsters actually seeking to kill them.

After they escape the ruins and Alt-Toriel (who tries to posion them with her food) they run into Alt Sans and Alt Papyrus. The alt-brothers try to kidnap and kill Frisk, but Alt-Sans slowly develops feelings for Frisk and wants to destory the Frisk's purity by influencing them to kill (his brother). The next thing I have planned is that Flowey and Alt-Asriel meet and Flowey "somehow" turns into Asriel and they fight... and for whatever reason the fight breaks Frisk of of the Alt-world, but Flowey no longer exists with them. All the while of this everyone is worried about where Frisk has gone. Afterwards, it's just happy ending with Frisk surrounded by their releaved loved ones.

Frisk x Sans - romantically, Frisk x Alt - Sans - one-sides and non-con on Alt - Sans' end.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (More) REV GIRL UTENA UNIVERSE:

Intersex!Frisk leaves the monsters after setting them free and joins RGU's school, Ohtori High. This is the base-line for all these ideas.

After the events of RGU storyline:

Frisk is being sought after to be the new lady-princess without a princess to save. Frisk doesn't think of it that way, and UNRELATEDLY finds themselves attracted to Mickie and Juri. Meanwhile, Alphys finds out where Frisk went and Sans and Papyrus are sent to see if they can convince Frisk to return to the monster's town. (I might put them in human comeo for the mission, or monsters can just be accepted into the school AS GAWD INTENTED!) Sans pays special attention to Frisk's love interests and has a fit of jealously before coming to terms with his own feelings. Sans vows to protect his human from this ambigously powerful students with mysterious intentions.

Frisk ends up following in Utena's footsteps when they have to save their love interests from people trying to corrupt them. (I want to leave the battle event as a surprise! It's going to be a surprise to me as while, because i don't have that planned yet!) When they awaken from the final battle they agree to go back to the village with the skeleton brothers. Awaiting them is Mickey, who has intergrated himself into the monster's town and helps with various educational activities in toriel's school - mostly the music and math teacher, and afterschool tutor.

Frisk confresses to Mickey about their feelings, but Mickey declines them. While Frisk is down about that, Sans confesses his feelings towards Frisk. Frisk inisallyhandles the confession with disbelief, but they warm up to Sans as time goes on.

Dreaming Frisk x Mickey, Dreaming Frisk x Juri, Shiori x Juri, Frisk x Sans, Undyne x Alphys


Intersex!Frisk joins the school DURING the events of RGU storyline, and meets Utena right before the end of her story. After Utena falls and Anthy leaves to search for her, Frisk, Nanami, [the boy the use to like Nanami], Micky, Wakabe, and – make heir own student counsel, and ignores most of “End of World's” orders – knowing who he is. The new student counsel ends up being run by Akio's to-be-spose to take revenge on him, and rather info on where Utena and Anthy might be.

Everyone from the previous counsel, except Mickey, graduates from school during the story. Nanami's underlings leave the school to start their own gang at a different school. A LOT OF STUFF WITH FEELINGS HAPPENS AMONG THE RGU CHARACTERS. Mitsuru stops liking Nanami and starts liking Mickie. Mickie gives up on his sister and moves out of the house. Nanami finds out about everything Touja did and starts to hate him, while gaining feelings for Juri. Her swords change due to the development in her feelings, and she progressively becomes a better fighter. Kozue tries to become a member of the counsel (to get back to being closer to her sibling) but Mickey and Nanami won't let her.
Over the story, Frisk starts to like Mickey and befriends Wakabe. Wakabe invited Frisk to join "a club" but Frisk declines. Like Utena, even though Frisk doesn't join the counsel they get wrapped up in their doings anyway. They become a duelish (which I have decided is still possible because of the power Dios, instead of Anthy, because I said so!)

I don't have any final events planned, yet. I don't know if they Anthy and Utena, or anything... but knowing me they probably will.
Various roles are replaces by some of the monsters. The school already excepts monster teachers, and has just started accepting monster students.

Those are all the ideas I came up with last year. I'll post the ideas I have for this year up soon!
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11 January 2016 @ 09:26 pm
I haven't been here since July?! There's no excuse for that. I've been busy in Philadelphia, but I thought I posted while in Pittsbrugh.

2016 is here, and I believe this year will bring on the year of the monkey! Year of the horse has been a wild ride, and year of the monkey is gonna get FUNKY! I've put bullshit aside, and I'm now putting my life into traveling, instead of looking for a ne place to call home.

Now on to what this blog is about...

UNDERTALE! I have typed up some fanfics that will be out this year! All of them Frisk/ Sans. I'm going to go into gender/ sex swaping stuff in later days. Right no, my current predicament has me exhausted. Philadelphia is rough, and i'm hardly getting any sleep, so nothing I'm doing is going to see the light of day, right now. The art is going to come out as it, so I can fix the fanfics.

I'm not doing much outside of Undertale, right now. It's like the Kirby and Yu-Gi-Oh! kicks I had. There's so much to Undertale and the fandom is booming with great ideas and alternate universes. All that timeline stuff has opened a lot of creativity, and that's really fun. That freedom comes with it's flaws, but I'm not surprised or disappointed.

That's it in the creativtive world, for now!
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06 July 2015 @ 03:45 pm
My only werewolf, to this day, who has gone through some name changes. Konji was his name for a while. Two other names I've long forgotten... now I'm going with Albany Kelvin Tinibu.

His original story was a werewolf from the southern part of Africa. In his early teens, he got into an argument with his older brother and didn't want to go into town with hid family because of it. While the others are in town, the town is attacked by chaotic magic which isn't very harmful in itself but in mass amounts can be disastrous. His parents died in a pile-up traffic accident, and their bodies were recovered. His brother and sister were not found anywhere in the rucage that was left of the town, nor did they return home. At first, he searched for them in the town. After he resigned to them being gone, he waited in the house for a while. As loneliness set in, he abandon the house and went to search for them by traveling.

His new story is mostly the same, but he's from an African family that moved to central India because of their mother's job. The same magic swipes the area, but it's a large city instead of a large town. In this story, Albany is looking for his siblings and the person(s) responsible for the event.

In his travels, he originally mets Vincent and Ishtara and they venture together for a while before Ishtara leaves them. They pick up Kikyo later.
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06 July 2015 @ 03:40 pm
It's been a while since I addressed any of my originals. I think about Ishtara a lot but I suddenly want to make her story clear. Originally, Ishtara was a roleplay character that was developed in the Naruto world with some very clear influences from popular artists at the time of making.

Ishtara Sarutobi - Naruto: In the Stone village an estranged son of the Hokage was born and raised.  Shortly after Lord Sarutobi became the leader of the village, he went out on a mission and had sex with a random woman from an unknown village, but she was on her way to the stone village as a lone traveling merchant. Chiyo, the merchant, decided to settle in the village when she found out she was pregnant and had her only child, (I forgot his name and it's too old and too far back to look up so from now on he is) ___ , and she gave him the father's last name knowing full well who he was - thought she pretended not to at the time they met.

After his tenth birthday she returned to her life as a traveling merchant and left him with a different family, after he entered ninja training. She died shortly afterwards in a robbery gone wrong - a large gang of thugs tried to hold her up on a mountain and threatened to rape and kill her if she didn't give them her goods. She set off a bomb, being the only thing she had, knowing full well she likely would survive either in the explosion or falling off the mountain. She released her horse beforehand and the horse return to the village with a per-prepared death note for her son and the family.

This fueled ___'s desire to become a great ninja, and maybe even the leader of the village! As ___ went through young student training he met a male fellow student with some feminine qualities and was neutral to him at first, but joined in bullying him due to peer pressure. As ___ came into feeling bad for the bullied boy, he started to lighten up on him but started to resent himself for developing more than platonic feelings for him.

The boy, (I also forgot his name so now it's) Opal Kitsu Takahami, was a half albino child born in poor health but grew out of it in childhood. His family was "lower middle class" (for whatever that means in the Naruto world) before his birth, but soon become successful merchants inspired to do whatever it took to take the best care of their child that they could. By the time he decided to go into training they were very well off, and even hired a tutor for him.

Opal used the tutor more than the official training due to the bullying and quickly advanced over the other students. As ___ started to lighten up on his own the others that were bullying him soon became afraid of Opal and his vastly advancing skills. Opal gained revenge on the harassers by making them have terrible nightmares using a powerful mind techinic that was more of a spell... or curse. When they were driven crazy enough to Opal's satisfaction the jutsu was dismantled.

As he and ___ get closer he notices the reluctance the develops and puts distance between them for both their sakes. After it come out the Opal is openly attracted to men with a boyfriend, ___ acts homophobic towards him, but Opal notices he doesn't act that way towards anyone else.

They get paired up for an information gathering mission, that turns into a battle, but the flee after they find an odd smelling baby. They flee back to the village and return to their homes to write individual reports. ___ tried to hide the baby from others at first, but to d it to be too much to handle and had to beg Opal for help.

Opal's boyfriend had recently committed suicide but he still found amusement in ___, of all people, now begging for his help. After Opal became more out in the open about the little one ____ was discovered and was passive aggressively forced to legally adopt the baby, now named Ishtara. The adults re-grew on each other and became lovers and soon married.

As time went on Ishtara developed very snake-like habits, and even formed a snake tail that was black with a sky blue underbelly. Even though they thought it weird she was still healthy, so they continued to take care of her. It was later discovered that she was a spawn of Orochimaru and another biological parent that also wasn't human. Though they were encouraged to abandon or kill her without proper evidence that she would turn on him and seek out her father they continued to take care of her.

Ishtara turned seven shortly before Opal became the leader of the village with his husband at his side! After a few years in the position the stone village is attacked by the mist village and the Kage uses jutsu that drains his life energy until it is no more. But, with that the terrorists are wiped out the the mist village suffers many casualties as a backlash from the attack.

Ishtara watches ___ slowly spiral into depression after losing Opal and is eleven when he is sent off on a mission and is killed in action - but some believe it was suicide. None of the other villagers agree to take care of her so she wonders off alone to find a new family. She is soon captured by some slaves of a powerful Lamia, and in seeing her features, is later told about who she was born from by her new master, Heirs. She is told of a Echidna named Idin that seduced, drugged, and raped a young ninja that clearly wasn't human, himself - though Heirs didn't know that was Orochimaru.

Ishtara was renamed Mang and learned with little magic she could under the tyrant, outside of her slave duties. Heirs deemed her unattractive for sex so she was used as a punching bag until she was good enough for him to rape. This abuse only lasted for a few month until Ishtara set fire to his underground mansion and fled for freedom. She survived on her own for a fews years and developed skills as a traveling merchant.

She happened upon the palace of a lone "princess" that was left alone with servants by her invisible parents. The princess had magical abilities and was even able to see the past, present, and future - but she was born crippled and couldn't walk. Her parents were proud of her abilities but ashamed of her disability so they left her a lone most of the time. Her name was [Indian name], and she saw Ishtara nearby and had her servants lure Ishtara to her. It wasn't hard to do with food. Ishtara agreed to stay with her willingly after a short meeting, and in exchange the merchant would tell her of the travels. The Echidna soon fell in love with the princess and nicknamed her Pearl. Unlike the servants, Ishtara took her outside and took her to a nearby village, where the princess had a great time!

Weeks turned to months, and Ishtara came to not want to leave the princess. She missed the friends that she met in the most part of her travels - an undead, and a werewolf. She was torn between staying with her love and heading out to find them to see she she could convince them to stay there for a while.

Unfortunately, the castle was attacked and set on fire. Most of the servants fought back against the attackers, but no servant that didn't abandon the princess lived in the end. Ishtara jumped in front of an arrow aimed at the princess but the arrow pierced  both of them. With all of her energy, Pearl saved the traveler and casted a spell on her to make her forget about the princess and the castle and transported her to a remote location. When Ishtara came to the arrow was no where to be found, her memories were hazed over and her eye sight was sensitive to light. When she went to wash her face in a near by lake she four d her eyes were now red instead of sky blue like her underbelly.

All of the memories weren't gone, either. Ishtara ruefully move on until she was reunited with her friends with the addition of a strong young one, and continued her travels along side them. They take on all kinds of odd jobs - cooking, housekeeping, assassinations, blackmail, high class robbery, standard money making such.

Ishtara without Naruto:

A lot of the same but change the places and some of the names. The last name is changed to Aeries, as is  ___ last name. ___ mother, Chiyo Aeries, doesn't die. She continues her travels and is an active figure in Ishtara's life. Ishtara stays with her for some of the time after ___ and Opal's death.

She's taken in by two high class ninjas that both die later on. They are the same ninjas, but Opal's last name is Fargo. They also don't have the "Naruto world" village hierarchy. They become the leaders of their own groups, however.

She isn't enslaved, but meets and falls in love with the cripple princess, and learns magic from her. In the princess's death, the spell is casted, and she commits suicide to kill the attackers rather than die in the fire.

Orochimaru is replaced by a snake like demon of a low level. In her travels, Ishtara finds her mother and she tells her what happened.

She meets Vincent, and Albany sooner and stays with them longer in travels before staying with the princess. Things are the same with them after that.

There's another story after that which takes place with some other characters: She is sent to a lower plain in the afterlife that's a lot like the living world. She is taken in by a higher up in position in the world and is a opted by him later on. While Ishtara learns more about the world she's in and more fighting styles and magic, she's reunited with ___ but find out that Opal and the princess are being held hostage in a different realm of the afterlife for what they did in their lifetimes and how they died.

Ishtara plots with her l.p.a. papa and l.w.a. dad to save them but her l.p. parent is abruptly abducted and taken to the same plain. Ishtara saves them with the help of her dad, Vincent, Kikyo, and Albany. Ishtara and Pearl reunite and Pearl removes the curse. Some time afterwards, she and Pearl pick up where they left off and they eventually marry each other.
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11 June 2015 @ 02:27 am

I'm in Cleveland, now! Whoop whoop!

And, my first new idea is a Kirby story! Long story short, Kirdy exists in itself but with a Hoshi no Fumu twist. Kirby is being beaten bgy a monster so badly it needs help and blasts Fumu with some elemental powers and she takes the ablity to help him in the fight. I'm thinking it will only be for the elemental powers, but thought of of it... but this idea is coming from already being drawn so it's probably going to happen. I'm grtting very discouraged with not being able to access my stories at will and not being able to work on anything. Wether I work on anything or not, I don't have a choose in the matter without a laptop. A tablet does not do it. Hoshi no Fumu isn't dead, either. I have to re-write what I have and finish from there. I might make a new Fall out Fumu from the start. The original idea is that she journeys off a lone and saves a town taken over by the motorcycle gang. I might make it zombies or add in something with zombies. Stories closer to the original Kirby story are tsking priority in my idea making, rit now, however. Fall Out Fumu is way out there! And there's the after Nitmare story with NOVA. I believe i want to work on something... but I can't. Oh, the pain.

I'm likely going to re-write a few things when i finally get what i need to work with. Here's hoping I get it soon!



Why have i not seen this, yet? People love the Alice in Wonderland template! I don't care for it much, due to overuseage, but this is so appropreaite for this pairing! I prefer the very underused Wizard of Oz temple. They're both coma dreams, but WoO is understandably harder to deal with having a stricter temple if you want it to stay in context.

I've yet to see the original Alice events, however. There's something in there about smoking pot or hash, and a neck getting longer, murder. A lot of weird shit. But the good thing about the Alice template is that the only rule is to use the characters and keep it weird! In all the uses of this temple i've seen weird variety of themes and events - murder, gothic, horror, porn, musicals, comedy, thriller, even a sit-com and all sorts of other themes. It doesn't have to be anywhere near the events of the original story - JUST KEEP IT WEIRD AND YOU DID IT RIGHT!

Thanks to Fumu and Meta being so cute together, I'll be joining the AiW bandwagon! My current idea is to do 3 parts: Fumu as a child, as a teen, and as an adult. Meta as a teen, as an adult, and middle aged. Fumu will be put in Alice's place and Meta in the Hatter's place... or will he? Another considerable role for Meta is a royal graud. It would be appropreaite for a main role as the Mad Hatter but more accurate to his character as a royal graud. Maybe they can mix, but i haven't thought that far ahead yet. With the whole HnK cast i have enough characters to fill the default roles, so i'll look at that first amd fashion things as i go.

As far as the theme, i know i will aim to do justice to the original Alice and Kriby amd have some sexuality in there. And, it's kind of the point - given the pairing. And, it's been a while since i've done something with sex in it. I support mmj and rmj so they'll also be smoking of it. They'll likely be murder because i'm hardcore like that. There might be a "Through the Looking Glass" thing.

It all remains to be seen!

Tah tah in the mean time!

25 March 2015 @ 06:22 pm

Inspired by an on-going themed fanfic that hasn't updated for a year, I'm concerning doing a fan fiction of "in-between" times of Fumu and MK. Due to current equipmemt, it will be difficult but not impossible. I will likely hold this off as a "later days" idea... but be on the look out for some weird stuff with some context related to at.

25 March 2015 @ 06:14 pm

Due to my current situation, i've decided to official announce that all prevoius fanfiction projects are on hold - due to lack of equipment.

However, there are new projects in the idea circle phase that might be making an appearance in the near future!

03 February 2015 @ 10:04 am

OH MY GOSH, BITCH! Super salior pumped! If you can't tell by the hyper feminie way of spee-- wording I'm so excited it's Feb! Chi New Year and St Valentine's Day! I've rightfully done the snake year I missed, and I'm drafting goat year, now. I'm still not sure what Val Day is going to look like but everything remains to be seen!

In the meantime, I wish everyone a happy Feb, happy cny, and happy St Val Day!

17 January 2015 @ 09:05 pm
Happy New Year! I got crunk!

I'm doing my pictures for Chinese New Year, right now! I have to do 2013 year of the Snake, because I thought that was a different year, and I have to do Year of the Goat! I don't remeber if I did  it or not, but I may have mistaken Snake year for a different year. Turth be told I wa gouing through a lot in early 2013. That's when I left home RIGHT AFTER I GOT MY GED, by upsetting means. I stayed with someone else for a while, then came to Colorado in a very disappointing situation - that turned out to be a scam. Snake Year had a lot of change and anxity in store for me, but I'm a better person for it, so i will do the right thing and post Snake Year pictures!

Also, St Valentines Day is coming up, and there's going to be pics for that!


As for the Internet IRL story I talked about last year, I'm working on it, but I've decided to make it a private story - so no goodies for the internet on this subject.


My muse has shifted from Kirby to Sonic Team, but I don't know how much I will act on it and post publically. Part of what keeps me in the public eye about Kirby is that it's not as popular as Sonic. I like promoting the underdogs (Kirby being in this catogory BY COMPARISON ONLY), and that goes extra for anything related to the anime. I fell in love with the dynamics of Meta Knight x Fumu, and it's rare I like a hetero couple. For Sonic Team it's Sonic x Tails, first and foremost! Next is Sonic x Shadow... and I can do Silver solo!  Another thing about Kirby is that there's no character I hate. For Sonic Team, it's Amy. Amy BOOM is much better but SEGA is so wrapped up in sexist stereotypes it's really a shame how she's still so much of a shadow of a great character she could be. A real video game role model for strong, outspoken females irl. Rouge is bad, too. And add it's like a major contrast between the sweet , crazy stoker and the oversexualized, underhanded thief. Those are the only 2 options for girls, SEGA? Come on.

I might keep my long-drawn out ideas for Sonic to myself, but it's back in my fanart radar.

I still want to "redo" the plot to Sonic 06, though. I believe I can make a better story than Sonic Team and I want to show it off! IN fact, I already have, but it's a matter of "Do I really wanna be a part of promoting Sonic, right now?"

That's it for now, Let's say goodbye to Horse Year and rock the Goat Year!
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