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Detroit: become human Fan story ideas 2


This character is a nonbinary person, place holder name Cedar.  The events of become human happened in November, and this story takes  place in May.

It's now been months since the cyber-life robot  revolution. Connor and the other cyber-life robots that were appointed  to the Detroit Police department are helping the humans police officers  get ready for a full reintegration of the evacuation being lifted.  Senate has declare that AI is a new form of intelligent life and is  granted civil rights.

A fully covered person wearing all black  walks into the police station and tells the front desk person who they  are, but no one else can hear them. A police officer walks over and  escorts the person to the police captains office.

A lot of people  and robots are getting casual glances to the slightly unfamiliar site.  But then the person puts down there camping backpack and takes off their  hat and cloak to reveal a bald black voluptuous bodied person. the  captain gets up and hugs the person with obvious familiarity, and they  both noticed that no one outside of the office can seem to mind their  own business.

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Detroit: become human Fan story ideas

Detroit: become human
Fan story ideas


A trans man with a placeholder named diamond. He's tall, and I'm considering making him Indian.

He  comes in to Detroit right after the evacuation has been lifted and the  residences are starting to return to the city, after Senate has decided  that AI is a new form of intelligent life, and they have civil rights.  it's not hard to tell that this only applies to the robots that were  released by cyber-life, but no other AI models qualify.

meanwhile,  a lot of ne'er-do-wells have already been living in Detroit alongside  the robots, to take this as something of their second chance. A lot of  them nonviolent criminals, and a lot of them hackers - considerably  ethical or otherwise.

Diamond comes in to help a group of  hackers point out some of the more dangerous people that have taken  refuge in the supposedly human-life abandoned Detroit. The robots  reasonably have more personal issues with the hackers then the violent  criminals, and most of such criminals them are easily taken care of. The  robots have become okay with severely injuring or killing any humans  that attack them.

the humans in the Detroit Police department or  some of the first that are allowed to return, to re-establish some sense  of order, even though that never really left. While they were gone, a  lot of punks, robots, and hackers make the city a lot better.

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2 new casino au characters

Two more characters that I thought up for the casino Au fanfiction

A  cisgender woman that is a death model. She's a lot more lighthearted  and friendlier towards the sextuplets. being a death model and being  literally invested in death gives her a much different perspective on  life than any other character that I've ever thought of. So she has more  patience for their shenanigans, which helps a lot. She has the same  Spanish, Indian, and African origins as the previous character. She has  darker eyes and hair, though.

A transgender Mediterranean man who  is younger and doesn't have a whole lot of life experience, and his  naivete shows. he comes from a loving family and acceptable open-minded  society, so he's really coming out of his bubble. The plan is to visit  Japan long-term, and go back home. He is in Japan indefinitely, but with  the intention to return. Sandy brown hair and skin, with blond  eyelashes and dark green eyes, a lot of moles.

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3rd attempt at a Casino AU plot

Another casino Au idea.

Tje Matsunos take in a down-and-out drag  performer, and hired her is head of sanitation and room service and  assistant director of security Management.

Choro and Kara are  having an ongoing argument about how Kara stole the last woman from him  because he had feelings for her, but she had feelings for him. After she  performed fellatio on Kara, he dropped her, and she left because she  felt used.

She tells them about how her friend internally  started going after she liked and found out he was trans and she was  transphobic. He had to move for fear of being harassed and assaulted.  And, she tells them she knows what it's like to be used and thrown away.  But she points out that if she liked Choro she would still be here with  her, and he would do better to respect her choice.

she's not as  down and out as she seems, only because she highlights how she's not  doing as well as she wants to. She actually has a very large local fan  base. but she doesn't have the fan base for the performance and  achievements that she's working towards.

her fan base is more  around her cisgender modeling, but she doesn't like her chest, so she  wears binders and trans tape usually. she isn't as known for her drag  performances, even though she's very outlandish and charismatic.

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About the scrapped untitled dealer Au fanfiction

It looks like that because I used Google audio dictation to write it.  And as you can see, for the most part the other dictation is fucking  stupid.

the scrap story was about the main original  character named Lan Danny, a transgender man, coming to Japan from  Haiti. He already has some friends there, but one of the people that he  thought was his friend sold him out to the casino owners. They were  looking for someone because there are some people that have inherited  magic powers from space and Lan is one of them.

These  people are referred to as planetaries. On the other side of their power  spectrum is called the Gang beasts. They were created in a lab to  combat the planetary's Powers. They are humans that turned into mutants  in various laboratory tests. they were specifically made to combat the  people getting their powers from outer space, but the experiments went  rogue because they're still humans with free will.

there  are planetaries all over the world because the magic stones that came  from space landed everywhere, but there are only a few places with Gang  beasts. However, they can still be a higher concentration of Gang beasts  in some places more than others. 

in Japan,  they have more than enough for the size of their country. And the casino  owning sixtuplets wanted their own personal planetary bodyguard, which  is why the so-called friend sold Danny out. 

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Osomatsu Nerd AU idea - months later

I just came up with this stuff a few days ago.

New character at the school, gender yet to be determined. Parents have a  lot of money and want their child to have a diverse education  background. They start in the United States, then go to France, and then  go to Japan.

The student is coming in 3 months into the school  year, which is kind of an awkward time to enter. They mostly go  unnoticed at first just because of how people get settled in at that  point in the school year.

the character notices to students that  look alike wearing very different clothes, and one of them looks at you  before they get up to leave. A different boy that looks like the other  boys bumps into the character in the hallway, and they follow the boy to  an empty classroom where the other five are. the character can't help  but stare because they're looking at sextuplets, and then they start  talking.

the character is hiding until one of them walks over  having spotted them, and they start talking to them. they all decide to  befriend the character, and then the character starts getting attention  from other students and starts getting bullied.

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Osomatsu Nerd AU ideas.

Stuff I typed up months ago.

Nerd! AU

Jyushimatsu x OC

Inspired by a bad character x reader oc, like the previous one.

I don’t do Ocs with no personality, so if that’s your fancy, get out. It was hard for me to give this a setting, but I ended up at Jr/ Community college, so bear with me.


Jyushi meets a cute guy and is very shy. Finds out he’s trans.

Kara is dating a trans woman. Sort of Iyami’s female version. Blonde, green eyes, 5’9, loves wearing heels.

Ichi is dating a trans man. When they go to have sex, Ichi is intimidated by his vigin, but he calms down when his partner blows and dom/ tops him.

Todo is dating a trans woman. Inspired by Chibita’s female version. Black with long dreads. Shorter than him. Loves being fancy, flirlly and over the top. They break up, and remain friends, and Todo starts dating a cis man.

Oso is bitter because he can’t keep a girlfriend, because he keeps treating them poorly. He blames the others for attracting freaks, and they turn on him.

Choro doesn’t have sex or date and doesn’t care to. He starts questioning if he’s asexual. After Jyushi brings someone home, his parents ask when he will and he says he doesn’t want to.

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2 sets of Mexican triplets

A troop of dancing teenage Mexican triplets.

On the internet are  known as CatboyZ, and they have heavy things of cats usually cyberpunk.  Sometimes they do bunny rabbits as well. They were mostly inspired to  dance in cat outfits by Avril Lavigne's Hello Kitty.

A different  group of Mexican triplets that are all young adults, have different  elemental powers. Poisonous smog, lust and love, and ice.

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Drag king character WIP/Scrap?

And named drag King character

Part Indian

Characters Chase Patel, plague doctor, sunflower, proper propagandist

Originally for casino dealer osomatsu AU

Chase  Patel is the most complex character, being depicted in three points of  his life. Before he got shot he was a charming Man that had a lot of sex  and never treated any of his Partners is trophies. you realize his  attraction towards men, but rarely acted upon them due to the homophobic  environment.

After getting shot, he isn't nearly as sexually  active, and changes his name and moves to a new place. he wasn't shot  because of anyone he had sex with. He was shot because someone he  thought was his friend lied on him. He's a lot more secretive, aloof,  and runs a business with someone and secretly accumulates a lot of  dubiously sourced wealth.

After being shot the second time, he dies and the spirit it is tired of seeing this soul.

Chase  returns as a being with Supernatural powers and immortal longevity. The  spirit suggests Chase to take this opportunity to learn the valuable  lesson of this lifetime.

it's all fun and games at first, and  Chase does a pretty good job of staying out of trouble. But then loved  ones and Friends start to die, and Chase it realizes that people may  start getting suspicious and how he isn't aging while others are dying.  Chase realizes that the body's aging process is very slow, while others  are aging normally.

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SCRAPPED untitled Casino AU Osomatsu fanfic part 4 - end

The next day, land woke up to a text message from todomatsu inviting him to have lunch with them, their parents, and two of their friends she betta and hot Abu. Man wasn't in a hurry to get away from Agatha and Zulu, who had spent the night in the living room. They all had breakfast together, and check the news. A few days ago, humans attempted to assault of planetary walking topless in India. of course, the idea was to try to Stone the person, but this planetary was a Saturn, so any Stones thrown were stopped in mid-air. And with a Saturn being able to manifest rocks as small as Pebbles and as big as 2-ton boulders the stoning went the exact opposite the way the attackers wanted it to.

They all had a good laugh from the news story and Agatha and Zulu left to continue their traveling before it was lunchtime. They were getting around using their powers, which was great for travel time and crossing borders. Borders are man-made imaginary lines that planetary did not abide by.

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