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Anime fans: Stop being racist part 1/?: GANGS AND MAFIA

Some things that I need to clear up that I see a lot of people messing up. I'm going to be calling a lot of people out here.

Yakuza  is not the Japanese word for gang. The Yakuza are a specific game where  a lot of the original members are dead. A lot of people calling  themselves Yakuza today are posers.

You can't have Japanese  Mafia. First of all of this this thing called culture. Second of all  there's this thing called geographic location in relation to culture.  Mafia is Italian. Yakuza is Japanese. The "however many numbers  families" e.i. "the four families" is also an Italian(-American) Mafia  reference. They don't have that in Japan either.

There's way  more to gangs than what's going on in Italy and Japan. stop  romanticizing gangs if you're not going to add in the crips and bloods,  because a lot of people that I'm addressing that are having these issues  are Americans. A lot of y'all are getting your information from the  romanticized versions of the Italian-American Mafia, when the crips and  bloods are way more prevalent in our culture. Stop being racist.

At  the same time, if you wrote a story now, you would have to write it  very differently because of the crips and bloods have United because of  the black lives matter movement of George Floyd's public lynching.

Stop being racist is never bad advice. So stop being racist.

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Somemore idea from the most recent scrapped Oso Casino AU

The Matsuno family casino spa and hotel

Matsuyo and Matsuzou  actually own the business, inheriting it from Matsuyo's family. They  made their sons work there and go to college to learn how to run a  business. The Matsuno Brothers had to start a gang to be able to protect  the business.

They were so idiotic and haphazardly lucky in all  of their encounters with larger gangs, they earned a reputation and a  piece of territory. The larger gangs avoid dealing with them, knowing  the tragic events that have happened to smaller gangs trying to encroach  on their piece. Some events more obviously luck-based than others, but  the other gangs weren't so invested to test their luck.


Totoko the Matsunos and the tutor's friends are eating dinner with each other.

Totoko is mostly silent.

Patrick tells them that a conversation between Matsuyo and Matsuzou was overheard and the haterd for Patrick has been uncovered.

Totoko  tells Patrick it's not a waste, because years ago Ichi plotted with Oso  to trick Totoko into marring Todo and rotate thur the week as if it  would go unnoticed. Toto explains that there's no fear because they grew  up to

The tutor and friends leave and Todo asks why Toto didn't  tell the visitor that. Toto admits being jealous, knowing the person was  visiting, and them treating her differently so maybe she could trust  them.


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Scrapped Osomatsu fanfic Sept 2020 part 2

They exited the cafe, but but Yoh paused when the logo on the back of Choro’s hoodie came into view. “Choromatsu...” Choro turned around looking confused. “Do… you … have a sextuplet language?!” Yoh suddenly yelled cheerfully. “Huh?!””I know I’m suppose to stay professinal, but I babysat 2 sets of twins and a set on triples, and they all had their own languagew! It’s such a speaical bond!” Yoh cherred. “I love languages, so I can’t help it!” Yoh proclaimed with ctarry eyes. Seeing the tutor like this caught the “serious” one off graud, but the green one rebounded and smiled big. “Yeah, our parents hate it, as you can imagine, but there’s nothing they could ever do about it!” “All of my kids’ parents weren’t fond of it but they knew they had to deal with it. I just… That’s just so cool! It makes me wish I at least had a twin. I know not all mutile sets do it, but we definitely would!” Yoh said with glee. “No… You don’t…,” Choro said with a bit of sadness. “What?” “Nothing! It’s clear that your passinate about that, and I’m just surprised by it!” “Oh! Ok! Well, I gotta go! Gotta start looking for a new job! See ya next week!” Yoh sai and started to walk away. “We---umm We’re still hiring,” Choro suggested. “Thank you, but I like what we’re doing now. It keeps the relationship dynamics clear,” Yoh said pausing to replied resumed walking. Choro signed and walked the other way.“Still, no? What the fuck is with the brood!? We gonna have to shut down every place in town!?” Osomatsu complained while they were all eating in the kitchen. “I guess,” Todo answered. “No, that’s literally impossible,” Choro scolded. “Did you ask about that pink hair person?” Ichi asked. “No, the lesson was so fun, I forgot.” “No one’s getting what the want around here,” Jyushi complained, pouting. “My lesson is next, so we’ll see,” Kara remained them. “Why did you put yours so far back?” Choro asked. “I had stuff to do. The casino does run itself,” Kara answered annoyed with them. “I mean… we don’t run it either,” Oso replied being goofy. “Yeah, but we kinda do,” Todo commented with a wincing face. “We can’t slack off just because a pretty person showed up,” Kara said to them, and they knew better the to argue. “Mom and dad will get on to us, if we do, and you reminder what happened last time,” Kara added and the all frowned painfully. “Alright, we get it, dear brother Karamatsu,” Ichi hissed. “Well, if you get it, than get to work. I’m not pulling your slack this time,” Kara replied becoming more aggressive and Ichi backed down. “Ok, ok...” Ichi replied sheepishly. The others sat awkwardly and Kara took a deep breath and yelled “NOW!” and they all scattered out of the kitchen, with Jyushimatsu yelling in a panic. “Freakin’ idiots,” Kara said to himself.  “Shittymatsu’s been edgey lately. We gotta get the boy laid!” “Why are we doing what he says anyway!” “Because we all know he’s right! Now get a move on!” “If he rats on us that he did his job and we didn’t HE’LL get to pick our punishment!” They all ran faster to the casino/ spa/ hotel. As a testament to how behind the others were on their duties they were all gone for the rest of the day. Even Jyushimatsu, who usually gets things done quickly.Kara was watching tv in his room with the door open when they all came into the hallway, slugging into their rooms tired. “Now you know how I feel,” he thought annoyed with them. Jyushi suddenly swung into Kara’s doorway. “HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!” “Hi, Jyushimats… Have a good day?” the blue one asked. “It was rough…. It wasn’t just on what we were behind on, but something happened while we where there, but it was more Ichimatsu’s problem. But if you hadn’t said anything to get us to head over there, things would have been worse!” Jyushi said with a tied smile, and laid down on Kara’s hardwood floor. Kara’s softly chuclked, then turned very serious. “Jyushimatsu.” “...” “Don’t do it.” Jyushimatsu’s hips went up. “Don’t you dare fucking hump my floor.” The hips went up some more. “Don’t do it, Jyushimatsu. Don’t do--”Jyushimatsu processed to slammed into the floor it sounded like someone was knocking on it. Karamatsu’s “[GOD DAMN IT!]” was heard for a 5 block radius, so so where Jyushimatsu’s following pained grunts.At the crack of noon, Yoh walked into the house as expected and Matsuyou and Matsuzou turned around to see who just walked into their’s childrens’ house. “Hello! I’m Karamatsu’s tutor!” Yoh said cheerfully. “OH, you’re the tutor. It’s nice to finally meet you,” Matsuzou said and Matsuyo silently nodded. “Yes, Todo and Choro have had one lesson with me so far, and they already seem so well versed! I know Kara will be a very copperative student!” “Surely! Karamatsu got the best grades, right?” Matsuyo asked and Matsuzou shrug. “For the sake of today, I’ll say yes,” their dad answered. “I’m so glad you’re such a kind patenice woman! Hopefully, they don’t drive you mad!” Matsuyo said., “I’ve nannied 2 sets for twins anda set of triples. I think I got what it takes, but we’ll see!” Yoh said getting on the other side of them. “Well, I better get to it! It was nice to meet you!”When Yoh was gone the parents looked at each other. “A BLACK WOMAN!?” Matsuyo whisper-yelled. “Honey, calm down…” “Calm down?! CALM DOWN!? Wjhere’d they even get a BLACK WOMAN!?” v”Maybhe it’s what they need!” “You---I--- No--- UGH!” ”Matsuyo, don’t!  No one needs a repeat of what happened last time.” “I… gotta do something… But, later. I need to regain myt composer and my thoughts,” Matsuyo said and lead them on exiting. “Ok, you do that,” their dad said irretated.“Karamatsu~” Yoh called into the common area sweetly, but no one was there. Yoh walked through the mean area of the house out to the backyeard, past the small courtyard, and saw a sextuplet in the lard pool. “Excuse me. Do you know where Karamatsu is?” Yoh asked politely, and Karamatsu turned round. “Oh, sorry, I lost track of time!” Kara came to the edge of the pool and got out on the water, and that’s wear the differences in the sextuplets became clear. Yoh looked away from Karamatsu’s muscular form… Yoh definailty wasn’t expecting that. But, Yoh remained professinal. Kara missed the part where Yoh stared exiting the pool but Yoh turned around with closed eyes and said “[I’ll wait for you in the den. Take your time],” and went back inside.Kara didn’t take long and came out in a hoodie and basketball shorts. ...That logo, again. Choro and Yoh were talking and the brothers looked at each other. “You seriously kept our guest wait? How rude! I would never imagine that you would be so immature, Karamatsu!” Choro scolded. “I’m sorry!” Karasaid through grinned teeth. “I don’t think so!” Choro said, and Yoh waved between them. “Now, now! All good, but thank you for defending my honor Choromatsu!” Yoh said sweetly and put Choro’s shoulder. “Yea--- You’re welcome!” Choro suddenly yelled. “[You nok, pal?”] Yoh asked in confusion. “I—I--I’m fine!” “Choromatsu go to your room,” Kara ordered flatly and Choro made a run for it. “What happened?” Yoh asked. “He’s…. special. Some times more than others.” “Got it.”“Well, let’s get started! I don’t have anyone after you today, so we can take our time,” Yoh pointed as, and unpacked the leaning kit. Kara didn’t really seem to take to the more interactive kit like Todo and Chor, so they did something else, and it worked better.”You’re amazing at this, by the way,” Kara commented and Yoh nodded. “I’m been tutoring for a long time, so I hope so! It’s helps that you’re already mulitlingal! I love that y’all have a sibling language!” “OH uhh...yeah...” “But, what does this logo mean?” Yoh asked pointing to the hoodie. “Oh… That’s the symbol of our parents’ tteacher… I think. I’m not sure, but we’ve always had it.” “Oh… how curious,” Yoh said, befire redirectly them back to the lesson.When they were down Kara walked with Yoh into the foyer, speaking some English while a large person with curly pink hair was talking to Todo. The person has on a black jacket and pant and a white crop top, and white thick sneakers. “[Hey Chris!]” “[Hey Pa--- why are you dressed like that?]” “[Like what? These are my tutor clothes!]” Yoh said being fake upset. “Ah!” Chris said and turned around. “Well… IT was … nice meeting you,” Chris said in rough Japanese. “We need to work on that,” Yoh said as they walked out the door. “Later.” “Chris, huh?” Kara said to Todo. “HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE!” Todo yelled turning to Kara. “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!” Kara yelled back with a big smile.Choro, Kara, and Oso walk into the cafe while they know Yoh is working and nod to Chris as the only other person in the cafe, right now. “Hey! We came by knowing today’s your last day. We saw on Tik Tok that you were feeling down about the place closing and took the invitation to stop by to say hi, or bye, or whatever,” Oso said with a big smile and shurgged at the end. “Thanks. I already have another job, so I’m not worried about it!” Yoh replied with a thumbs up. “Really?” Oso said and looked at the others. “I’m not surprised,” Choro stated to cut through whatever awkwardness was about to happen. “You’re a very capable person, that how’s how to achieve your goals.” Kara and Oso looked at each other after that, and smiled to Yoh. “Congratulations,” come out of Kara. “Well, let’s make our last order,” Oso said.  “I’ll have a small half dark roast half milk, please,” came form Kara. “I’ll have an iced dark roast, and Oso is paying this time,” said Chor. Oso glared but pulled out the red wallet. “I’ll have a double chocolate cookie and a mango milk drink, please,” Oso ordered. Oso silently paid and Kara tipped while Yoh’s back was turned. “Are these for here or to go?” “To go. Thanks,” Choro answered. “We gotta get back to work soon.” They thanked the tutor for their orders and exited, and waited until they were a few blocks away to “AH! What the fuck? Yoh already got a job!” Oso complained. “You almost blew it, you damn fool!” Choro yelled at him. “We can just sell the place, right?” Kara asked, and Choro nodded. “I already have some buyers lined up in case this happened. I’m not surprised at all.” “I’m only a little surprised. It’s not like Yoh isn’t resourceful,” Kara commented.  The 3some’s phones all went off, and Choro was the first to see what set them off. “Get home, right now!” Choro read and there was a rush back to the house without question. “Dude!” Todo yelled as they all ran intyo the living room, and Jyushi pointed at the screen. The other 3 were playing a video of Yoh and a friend names Joleen in a face-cam let’s play, playing Dark Souls. Joleen was brown with a ‘frohawk and a thick Irish accent – a very fashoinable and expressive person. “That one might be more up your alley, Jyushimatsu,” Kara commented smirking. “Sure, if you’re into chubby!” Todo commented deviously. “If she gives him a chubby, then why not?” Oso asked smirking and shrugged. “The bar is low for that,” Ichi pointed out. “So fucking what?” Jyushimatsu cut threw them. “Exact--” Choro was cut off by the let’s players yelling at the gruesome death Joleen’s character was dealt. “AHHHHHHH FUCK!” Joleen yelled and they both covered their faces. “Damn son...” Yoh says disappointed.“I like this one,” Ichi said before going to the Mr. Bunnyman video. It started with Joleen slightly head dancing to the intro music and the editor made a little music video out of it. “Ok…,” Choro commented. “Well, if excitement’s what you’re looking for…!” Oso said with a big smile. “Oh, brother, the excitement hasn’t started yet!” Todo switches the screen to OnlyFans. “You already know!” the pink one comments as the screen scrolls through Joleen’s content. “What?” Oso exclaimed. “Whoa!” Jyushi’s eyes wildly spun around.  “Chubby confirmed,” came from Ichi. “You can say THAT again!” Jyushi exclaimed feeling the blood flew change. “What about Yoh?” Oso asked. “Wait who’s that?” Choro asked pointing at the screen. “That’s Chevy,” Ichi answered. “So tall...” Kara commented. “Chevy, Avery, and Jazzy are all 6-foot something. Joleen and Patrick are the shorties… And, techincally, they’re all fat, expect Jazzy,” Ichi commented. “It’s not fat when it’s in the right places!~” Oso mockingly songs with a silly dance towards the kitchen. “No, it’s fat,” Ichi replied, deadpan. Oso ignored the gloomy one. “Well, I guess the clown didn’t want to see Yoh’s,” Todo commented and changed the screen to Yoh’s OnlyFans. Most of it was Yoh as a Drag King and in various cosplay but lewds and nudes weren’t on short supply. Jyushimatsu ran to get some privacy, while the other were a little better at controlling themselves, and still shifted because of their erections. “Ahem! So what’s the plan on getting Patrick to work for us?!” Ichi asked in a nervous, but excited voice. The other’s didn’t want to tell the cat-lover that they were failing fast on that front, and the three looked at each other then Ichi and smiled. “We’ll talk about that later!” Oso answered.The night air was erie for some reason. Yoh casually pasted by the casino to see all 6 of the Matsunos and their parents all dressed up as their employees got the place ready for a private event. Karamatsu was holding a white hat and white overcoat that usually cover’s the offspring’s gorgous blue penstrip suit. The others seemed more busy as Karamatsu was talking to their parents, but Kara turned around and made eye contact with Yoh. Yoh started to walk away, but the casino owner gave quick chase. “Hey, teacher,” the blue owner greeted the tutor smoothly. “Hey, Karamatsu,” Yoh replied in a lazy voice. “How are you?” Kara replied concerned. “I’m fine. I just have a lot of CBD in my system,” the tutor replied carelessly. “What’s… cbd?” “I’ll tell you later. It’s a long story. I see y’all are getting ready for something,” Yoh said glancing into the building. “Yeah, a webbing, I believe… Anyway, I uhh… They won’t miss me for a few minutes, if it’s ok for me to walk you home,” Kara offered.  “Karamatsu, you’re too kind. [No, thank you, though.]” Yoh answered sweetly with a big smile. Kara was about to ask again, but Choro came outside. Kara-- OH, yeah, Yoh,” Choro said kindly. “Hey, Choromatsu,” the tutor replied in the same lazy tone, but Choro nevermind it. “How are you?” “I’m fine. Not as busy as you, though.” Kara tilted a looked to Choro to signal, and the green suited one acted accordingly. “If you’re on your way home Todo’s done everything already,” and before Yoh could answer Choro turned around. “Hey, Todomatrsu!” “Yeah,” came from across the room. “Walk Yoh home, if you’re not doing anything,” Choro ordered and Todo came out without questioning anything. “Already, let’s get going,” Todo said with a big smile. Yoh shrugged knowing resistance was futile at this point. “Call us if you need anything,” Kara said nicely and went back inside with Choro.Todo and Yoh made small talk on the way and Todo mostly talked about the event they’re hosting and previous events they’ve hosted. “Honestly, there’s something weird going on. It’s like it can feel it in my bones,” Todo said as they walked up to Yoh’s apartment building. “I guess. I’m too relaxed to feel anything, and I’m gonna stay this way for a while.” “You always look relaxed,” Todo commented, mostly on Yoh’s red tank, baggy gray sweatpants, and dirty sneakers. “I know, right,” the tutor commented pulling out keys. “[Thank you for walking me home, you proper gentleman, you,] You said with a big smile and Todo nodded saying “[You’re welcome!} Yoh didn’t wait the the pink casino oner to leave before gong into the apartment, which Todo saw. As the night went on a strange fog spread all over the city.Yoh grumbled in the bed as the sunlight intruded through the clothed window covers. Yoh didn’t want to move but something in the bed felt weird, and the ...cripping with loud. Chripping? “Yoh,” a familiar voice said, but the tutor thought something was going on with the phone. Surely no one else was in the apartm-- “Yoh…,” Osomatsu voice came in more clear and Yoh looked over and sat up quickly to all 6 casualy dressed siblings in the apartment while the tutor was in bed only wearing underwear. “How did-- When did--” A crack and pop sound. “You looked down to see a cricket… and another cricket on the purple blanket. Yoh looked all over the room and there were crickets EVERYWHERE – like a nightmare. “There are crickets everywhere, Patrick. I think we should--” Ichimatsu started Patrick’s eyes widened while the statement was being made and suddenly let out a scream! Without a work, the tutor jumped on Jyushimatsu’s head and wrapped around it like a tentacle monster, while making frightened incoherent noises.Jyushimatsu almost feel over and wobbled from the sudden force, and froze not knowing what to do. They all already saw Yoh half naked on OnlyFans, but seeing wasn’t the same as touching. Jyushimatsu was thrusted into a world of nake warm breasts being pushed into his realm. The other 5 didn’t know what do either, and just stared waiting for the energic one’s reaction. “I-- I was saying was should leave…,” Ichimatsu finished, breaking the hard silence. After a few second a cricket jumped on Yoh’s back and the tutor screamed again and they all ran out of the apartment into a van and Todo put forth all the effort to make sure crickets stayed out of the van as they drove. Yoh was passed out in the back as the 6 boys were pankicing while Choro was recklessly driving. A lot of other cars were already wreckd all over the roads. There were crickets jumping around everywhere. They pulled up to the casino, and Jyushi grabbed their tutor before they went around the back to enter the underground bunker. “I told this was worth the money!” Todo grapped. “Oh my GOD! SHUT UP!” Choro yelled about to lose it on all of them. “Just open the damn door!” Ichi yelled as Oso fumbled with the keys.Kara and Jyushi were watching the other 4 about to lose it on each other. Jyushi’s attention was split on keeping Yoh safe and now wasn’t the time to bring up the-- “Got it!” Oso yelled unlocked the door as a dark cloud loamed and hung low over the city. They all ran into the clean bunker and Kara and Oso shoved the heavy doors closed behind them and a strange smell started to come in. Ichi turned on the tv but there was so single. Outside they rain was eating away at the cords.The power went out, but the backup generator switched it back on./ “Is this the end of world, or some shit?” Oso yelled. “My phone doesn’t have a signal, so yes,” Todo answered. “We can still get internet, though,” Ichi saiud turning on the old computer in the conrer and a remote internet modem. “It’s gonna be slow but it’s better than nothing.” Ichi looked over to Patrick and Jyusshimatsu in the corner. “Ihhh… you should go to the bathroom,” Ishi commented and Jyushi looked down and ran to get some privacy. “That fucking fool,” Choro hissed. “Calm down, Choromatsu. You go sit with Patrick. In fact, all of you find something to do. Standing over my shoulders isn’t going to make this thing boot any faster.”“You’re right but what else is there to do?!” Oso yelled pankining. “Find Patrick some clothes, you fucking loser,” Ichi answered calmly, but very annoyed. “How could we forget about that?” Choro yelled. “Because you’re freaking out! Stop it!” Todo yelled and went into their supplies. “We don’t have anything that will fit, but it’ll be better than nothing,” Kara commented, and Todo pulled out a big white tee shirt. “This’ll have to do, I guess,” and Todo turned to the others. “Who.. Who’s gonna dress Yoh…?” Oso asked nervously and they all looked at each other. “S-surely there’s a civilized way to handle this,” Choro offered. “Y-yeah…!” Kara agreed. “It doesn’t matter! Ichiko yelled and got up. Ici grabbed the big shirt from Todo and put it on Patrick as the other watched. “There!” Ichi yelled at them and turned back into Ichimatsu at the computer.“What parale universe are we in where Ichimatsu has all the good ideas?” Oso asked and the others looked at him with an oddly confused expression. Very strange noises exploed from the computer speakers. “What the hell is THAT?” Topdo yelled as the other got behind Ichi to see the screen. A large colorful flower with teeth and tentcles cring “Karamatsu!” repeatedly was on a helicotr recording. “That has to be the scorue of all this,” Ichi said and they lloked at Kara. Kara stared at the screen in disbelief and looked at the others. “If it’s looked for you, you gotta stop it...” Choro said as the other leered around Kara. “The was a flush and a sink run, and Jyushi came out of the bathroom a lot more relaxed. “What’d I miss?” Jyushi asked with a big smile. Yoh made a soft sound coming to and stood up. “What’s happening?” “Don’t move so fast,” Choro ordered but very concerned. “This thing that somehow knows Karamatsu is trying to kill us!” Oso yelled. “What?”Jyushimatsu looked at the screen. Yoh used Choro to kept balance to get the the screen to see as well. “Oh… It’s a gaint flower...” Yoh said clamly. “I have some friends that can take care of that, but they might need my help. I don’t have anything on me, though. Thanks for the shirt…,” Yoh said tried. “You can get cleaned up in the bathroom if you want,” Jyushi offered and Yoh nodded left the others to wonder what all that meant, just now. When Yoh came back a gaint train from space came on screen and rammed into the flower and went through it. “Ok, now’s my chance,” Yoh said and opened the bunked doors slowly. “Stay here”,” Yoh ordered. “But—but!” Choro couldn’t get the words out.  A fe minutes later Ypoh was with the large pink haired friend, and Yoh had on an oversized pink wig and they were both dressed like magicial girls. Patrik pulled a large bustedr sword out of Chris’s hair and “FULGY BASTARD SLAYER” was written on the siad of it. “Where is my KARAMASTU!!!????” the flower monster rawred. “Who’s Karamatsu?” one of the helicopter reporters asked. Patrick and Chris went in with the sword singing at the monster.“I’m here!” Karamatsu yelled in a blue hood and jeans. “Oh no! Karamatsu!” Patrick yelled, but was smackee to the side by the flower’s vines.  It used the vines to pick up Kara as the other siblings watched. “Where have you been?! Are you CHEAT-TING ON MeeeeeeeeeeeeE?!” it yelled and Kara was dizzy from the thing’s volume and terrible voice. “Joleen, over here” Chris called over to their shorter friend that just arriaved. And sudden… there was music… Yeah, it was music. And, the sound of crashing waves. The helivoptors left as quickly as they could. It started off low and softed and it picked up, and when it was in full swing the area was enguffed in water.  Patrick got Kara out the of Vines with the sword and swam to the edge of the water, to push the casino owner out. Chris, Joleen, and Patrick contined to fight the monster as Chevy brought the other siblings out of the water and over to Kara. “Here ya go,” Chevy said uninterested and sat off to the side. The tall one opened a bottle of red wine and started drinking. “I’m gonna let over!” Joleen called out in her thick Irish accent, and the water flooded away. As the water drained large pieces of the monster came off and spread out until it was completely dissolved. Joleen was the only one that could stand. Patrick was sitting huntch over, and Chris was laying face-down and they were all exhausted. Another tall brown owman was next to Chevy wearing a fancy white unifrom with blue accents. “Good job?” Avery asked the red clothed drunkard, who gave a thumbsup. “We’re not supposed to introduce ourselves, yet, by the way,” Avery reminded Chevy and they both left without another word.The Matsunos quietly watched them leave as Joleen, Chris, and Patrick walked over to the group. “Don’t worry, you’ll meet them later!” Joleen said cheerfully. This person was shorter than Patrick, light skin brown person with a fluffy yellow and blakc fro-hawk. The low-cut yellow and black dress was all wet, but it didn;t seem to bother Joleen. The black and yellow outfit was still very cute, and it will be cuter when it’s dry. Joleen’s chubby figuer was holding it in place until then. “Hi, again,” Chris said with a big grin and Patrick got back on Chris’s back to return the FUGLY BATASD SLAYER. “Tat was … really cool…,” Oso commented and Ichi looked up as the dark clouds cleared and the crickets went away.”We saved the day, huh? Let’s get pizza!” Joleen cheered. “On us!” Jyushimatsu added and the others looked at the yellow one, but didn’t argue.Yoh was on a night stroll pulling on some short head hairs as an Udon stand came into view on the side of the park. Chris wasvery hard to miss, and let out a loud laugh as the tutor walked up. “[Hey,Chris!]” [Yo, Pat! Chibita, this is Patrick!]” their friend cheered. “[It’s nice to finally meet you, Chibita!]”, Pat said with a cauasl wave. “Welcxome! Have a seat!]” Chibita replied. “[A friend on Chris is a friend a mine!]” “hank yoy!]” Part accepted with a cheecky smile. “[How long have y’all known each ther?]” Pat asked and they looked at each other. “[Years, but slightly shorter than we’ve known each other],” Chris answered. “[Yeah, we met with Chris teaching me English online],” Chibita added with a big smile. “[Teaching you SLANG online],’ Chris corrected slyly. “[Same thing!]”“[Speaking of which, how is English going with the sextuplets? How long has it been?” Chris asked. “Sextuplets? The Matsuno fools?!” Chibita asked shocked. “Yep, the Matsuno fools. I’m not teachin all six of them, and I’m not teach all of them English. But, they’re all doing surprisingly well!” “That’s wonderful!” “Yeah, hey finally disiplined a deaf costumer that was getting away with a lot, until I taught they JSL and gave them videos about deaf culture. They’re doing a better job of treating everyone equally.” “Hmm! They aren’t old dogs, so they should learn new tricks!” Chibita commented mischieveiously. “Oh! Speaking of new tricks, you just so happen to know some old ones, Chibita?” Pat asked slyly. Chibita looked confuse at first. “What were they like before they were running that place?” “Useless fucking NEETS!” Chris and Pat were both taken aback but smiled. “But, before that they-- WE wee all trobulesome brats gowing up together, so to see them fail like that was actually sad,” the chef added with a frown. “But, it’s weird, because they all had good grade.”Nothing’s granteed and life will throw you for a loop,” Chris commented before drinking some more soda. “If thins had been different they won’t have been available to run the casino… spa...event venue… whatever else they add to it,” the tutor said before a plate of Udon was sat down. “Enjoy!” “Thank you!” Chruis and Pat eat quietly for a few minutes until the chef asked “Things going well with Grandpa?” “I’m… still new, but I have my room setup, so it’s cool!” “Oh, yeah, what do you do, again?” “I’m a human test subject. But, I live with Dekapon in exchange for my services, and my room is awesome so it’s fine!”Pat looked concerned and Chibita grinned. “Most of grandpa’s stuff works, if that helps!” “Yeah, so far so good,” Chris commented. “Alright… if you say so...”  As they continued to converse and play music, they didn’t notice someone watching them in plain sight. Hatabou was sitting at a swimgset with baknoqulars. Chibita had grown into quite the spiecemen – not looking anything like before. Chibita came out to college with a big bread and muscles. Not even Iyami could tell it was Chibita, at first.“So, wasup, Hatabou?” Osomatsu asked inside the millionaire’s home the next day. 5 of 6 of the siblings were persent. “Where’s Todomatsu?” “Taking English lessons. Whatchu want?” “Chibita.” The 5 looked at each other and back to Mr. Flag. “[Elaborate],” Ichimatsu ordered with a very seriously confused face. “You heard me. I want Chibita.” “W—Da-- Like pictures? What’re talking about?” Oso asked being frustrated. “I know you’re not trying to hire us to childnap all our childhood friend,” Choro said shocked. “Not nessarialy…,” Hatabou trailed off. “Youve all spent more time with Chibita, so… what do I need to know?” Hatabou asked shyly. “[Wait!] I have any idea!” Karamatsu piped up.Later, there was a knock at Chibita’s apartment door and the chef answered it to pick up an envolople off the ground. “An invitation?” the chef thought. A private party at the Matsuno Casino. “Well, it’s about time I was treated as an honored guest, for all the trobule they put me through!” Chibita commented smuggly. “What do I wear?”At the event, Chibita, Patrick, Chris, and Joleen where all in attendence. “What are you doing here?!” they all said to each other in unison. Some people turned to look at them oddly, but they didn’t care. “Something tells me we all did what we could with clothes,” Chris commented. They were as close to dress code as the could be, “I’m just glad to see people I know. These are all… unnerving,” Joleen commented frowning. “I didn’t wear anything I can’t dance in,” Patrick thought with crossed arms.“I’m so glad you could all make it!” Kara greeted walking up to them, closer to Patrick. “Thanks, why are we here?” Chris asked but Chibita put a hand up. “It’s it obvious?” the chef asked with a long smirk. “No, please tell us,” Joleen asked smiling, and Jyushimatsu came up from behind quietly. Joleen turned around startaled “[Juice], you scared me...” Joleen said trying to make light of it, but the vibe changed for the worst. “[Juice]? My boroza has a nickname?” Karamatsu asked with a light smile. “Yeah, I think it’s fitting. Speaking of fitting,” Joleen claimed up Chri and pulled a battle mace out. “Why are we here?” the short one asked with the same smile, and all the siblings were now surrounding them. “I hope you’re just being dramatically awkward, right now,” Chibita said to the boys. “Chibita, tell me what you were thinking?” Choro ordered… nicely. “What? Oh… Well, I’m thinking this is repayment for all the trobule you’ve cause me, and how long it took to pay your damn tab!” Chibita  answered and pointed at Choro. “That’s a good guess,” Kara commented looking at Choro. “I agree,” the smarty-pants one replied with a sly smirk. “Ok, but why are WE here?” Joleen asked again.“I invited you!” Hatabou said. “I know this looks weird, but I asked them to hold this event. And all gather when they was you, so I would see them.” The mood changed after that, but Joleen wasn’t totally at ease. “This is a party for friends and friends of friends, so all of you were invited, too!” Hatabou explained and Chris and Joleen shrugged. “You usually have parties at your masion or your boat, though,” Chibita thought seeming discontent. “Well, it’s a party. Let’s relax,” the tutor said and looked at Joleen. Joleen frowned but got off Chris’s shoulders, but put the battle mace under a baggy sleeve. “Sorry, but no we don’t allow weapons in the casino,” Oso said with a clear fake concern. “Welp, “ and Chris headed towards to exit. “I have a snake in my vagina. Remember Ninja Scroll? That,” Patrick commented and headed towards the exit. Joleen started to follow but looked at Chibita. “Chef, you can’t stay with those guns,” Joleen commented with a smile. “IT FEELS SO GOOD TO BE INCLUDED!” Chibita thought was flowy tears.All 6 of them and Hatabou jumped in front of them at the door. “Today we’ll make an expection!” Osomatsu mentioned. “You have a snake in your vagina?” Todo asked slightly concerned. “[Yes, I do],” Pat answered cheerfully. “Alright, let’s chill then,” Chris said to Joleen and they went to enjoy the party. Chibita knew a lot of people there and Pat knew how to network. Chris and Jo chilled out at the bar and Jyushi and Todo bought their drinks.  Chibita took a rest on a couch off to the side and Hatabou swooped in shortly after. It was like Hatabou knew. “Having un so far?” “Oh, yeah, thanks for inviting me! Well, us!” “I’ll be honest with you, the other 3 are here because the sextuplets wanted them to be. I invited you.” “Oh, what for?” “I umm... Wanna talk! We’re both so busy these days! Have you had a drink yet?” “Yeah, I had a beer, and that--”  One of Hatabou’s employees walked over to them, and Hatabou said “2 shots please. Anything strong. I’m sorry, you were saying?” “I was saying I’m going with just one beer. I’m not the type to get shitfaced,” Chibita continued. “And, you won;t with THAT attitude! You’ve always had such a strong will!” Hatabou said and put the chef on the shoulder.  “[I thin I’ve had ‘ough],” Joleen said after the 3 cocktail. “[Can’t hold your liqour, huh]?” Todo teased. “[I can hold it cause I know mah limot].” That Irish was coming out strong now. “[I’m going home],” Joleen said looking around to see if anything was dropped and checked for the phone. “[Aww, but the night’s still young!]”, Jyushi complained. “[It’ll gro ole withoish meh jusht fiene, laddy.]” “[Do you need a car?],” Todo offered. “Ayyyy...” “[I’ll take you home, then!],” Jyushimatsu offered enthusiastically. “[Nah, Avery and J.J. are already on their way.]” Joleen put Jyushimatsu on the should than pulled the unsuspecting one in a hug. “[Chris, you not drovin’ ar’  ya?]” “[I know I shouldn’t. I’ll look up th bus routes back to Doc’s.]” “Doc?” Todo asked. “Yeah, I leave with-- Oh, It’s only a 20 mintue walk. I’ll walk home, and sober up on the way.]”  “Thanks so much for the wonderful time!” Joleen managed. “Y’all heading out?” Pat asked walking up to them. “Yeah, we’re drunk, thanks to a curitous hosts!” Chris answered. “Ok, I’ll check in with Chibita, and see how I’m getting home.] [If you’re sober, you can take the truck. I’m walking home.]” Chris passed Pat the keys and they hugged goodbye. “[I’ll get you back for th drinks fellahs!” Joleen said waving the the siblings. “Where’s Chibita?” the tutor though, but the shorty-chef seemd to have disappeared. “Here I am,” Choro said walking up to Yoh. “Hey, Choromatsu. Where’s Chibita? Chris and Joleen bounces, and I’m ready to go, too.” “So soon?” Choro asked looking concerned. “It’s been hours. It’s almost 12.” As if summoned Chibita walked past Pat and grabbed the tutor on a b-line out the door. “Ah! Chibita!”They ran out and got in the truck and took off after Yoh adjusted everything to size. “What was that about?” Kara asked walking over to Choro. Oso was standing over Hatabou frowning. “Laid it on too thic, huh?” “I didn’t know Chibita was so sensitive… That makes it even more worth it!” “What happened?” Ichi asked as they all walked over. “Nothing to worry about!” Oso reassured them.~Patrick was sitting on a shore side with hands in a red hoodie, even thought it seemed like a hot day. The flowly long shirt and black sandles made more sense. The low waves were claming until black hair peeked out of the water… then eyes, then a head was in view. The person stared at Patrick until Pat got up to leave. “I need to go up that mountain. Take me up the mountain. Came from Karamatsu. “...Ok,” Pat said before pulling mer-Karamatsu out of the water and into a red wagon that was suddenly there.They started up the neaby mountain and all seemed well until mountains surrounded them.”What are these?” Karamatsu asked as an arm reached out to touch of them. “Don’t do that!” Pat warned. “Hand over our dinner!” Ichimatsu wearing a clothes and wild makeup demand, over the mountain loins. “I think the fuck NOT!” the tutor yelled and hit Ichimatsu with the wagon… with Karamatsu still in it.  The mountain loins ran away after their master was defeated and they continued up the mountain. As the got higher up it was winder, and Pat was getting tired. The tutor glared back to Karamatsu, but the merperson’s childish grinning was nice the look at. “You ever been up a mountain before?” “No way! This is better than the stories!” “Stories…?” Pat repeated quietly, as Todomatsu came into view. “Oh, hello!” “Umm. Hi.” Karamatsu remained quiet. “Do you have a merperson? That’s cool! Mwanna walk together?”  the camper Todo offered. “Sure...”They made small talk up the mountain for a little while before Todo asked. “Do you want me to pull that for ya for a little while? You look tired.” Pat smiled big. “I AM tired! Thank you!” As soon as the wagon handle went into Todo’s hand the mischieveous one made  a run for it. “What!? How can you even run!” Pat yelled and ran after them. I’m gonna sell this!” Todo yelled and went to jump off the side of the mountain, but Pet grabbed the other end of the wagon and yanbked it away, and Todo jumped off the mountain empty handed.Pat sat down and looked at a scared mer-Kara. “Sorry.” Pat got up quickly and tired the rest of the way up the mountain. Patrick laid flat the top face down as Karamatsu got out of the wagon with scale-covered human legs. Pat looked up and was irrate. “Could you do that the whole time?!” “Yes, but if I did, I wouldn’t have the energy to kill the monster,” Kara replied with a smile. “Uhhh… What monster?” The clouds parted over them as something broke into the atmoshpere and come into view. The ground started shaking, the air shifted, and the sky turned red. Pat got up and didn’t go anywhere. A metero with a mean face came hurling at them, but Kara stopped it with one hand on top of the mountain. The metero turn white and exploded, leaving a ball on black energy in Karamatsu’s hand, the Kara maintained a dramatic pose. Everything went back to normal, and Karamatsu had on a gold crown, gold forearm shields, and gold boots. “W...what?” was all Pat could say. “Ok, Now, I need to take this into the ocean!” Kara announced accomplished and jumped from the top of the mountain seemlessly into the water. “Cool.”Patrick woke up in a strange position in bed, with covers and sheets a mess – like Pat really claimed the mountain and fight Ichi and Todo all in bed.~Chris stood next to Dayon in Dekapon’s lab as the professor spun around and yelled “This should be it!” “[Oh ok]… Are you sure?” Chris asked. “We won’t know until you drink it,” Dekapon answered and Dayon grabbed the fire extinggisher. “Don’t worry. I gotcha!” Chris looked at the pills and downed without protest. Chris quickly doubled over and balled up, and growned as the body was changing. Chris’s white and pink shirt and blue kjeans worped into a yellow and pink legless jumpsuit and when Chris got up… he was a woman! “What the hell is this?! What am I wearing?!” Chris yelled. The new body with very vuglupuous, and the outfit was very revealing.It was a fiting torso suit with long sleeves and dark blue bulked fingerless gloves that covered the forearms. Chris’s sandles were now knee high laced pink middle heeled boots. “What.. I-- I...” Chris could feel the body still moving and changing. He ran for to door, and could bearly get out of it, because he was getting bigger!When Chris’s eyes opened he looked around and looked down at the city and scared people looking up at him. “Am I…  A GIANT!? What did you dio!?” he yelled. “I wasn’t expecting this,” Dakpon yelled up to Chris. “Well, now what? Do you … [Do you have something that can revse this!?]”, Chris yelled in a pankic. The yelled broke some windows. “Chris, calm down! I don’t have anything to reverse it, but it’s not permenant,” Dekapon reassured. “Why am I a woman?” Chris asked in a flat tone. “Ummmmm…”  “What’s going on over here!?” Karamatsu yelled running up to Dekapon. “Dekapon turned Chris into a giant woman,” Dayon answered. “What?” Patrick said on the other side of them. “How?!” Patrick looked up. “Chris are you ok?” Chris got on knees and lowered down even more to Patrick. “I think so...” “Why are you a woman?” “I was just asking that.” “It’s not premnant.” “What am I gonna do in the meantime, though? I can’t be normal this big!” Chris commented, trying not to yell. “Where did you get those clothes?” Patrick asked. “I knew you had sometihing to do with this, grandpa!” Chibita yelled running over. “Chibita...” “Chris?!” There was a pause. “Wait… I have an idea...” Chibita said with a mischievous smirk.  Some children went into scaring as parents stood around Chris. Chibita was next to a wooden sign that read “See a real GIANT or 10,000 yen!” Patrick and Karamatsu looked bored and disappointed, but not surprised. “What else can I be doing, though?” Chris asked. Chris passed some construction workers a large steal slab, and put it at the top of the building. Chris got some cats out of some trees. Chris and Chibita went to Iyami’s house and scared his teeth out!  ~“[Alright, that completes you lesson for today, Choromatsu],” Yoh signed in JSL. “Thank you so much!” Choro replied out loud and in JSL. “By the way, my siblings and I have an offer… and propation if you willl…,” Choro cooed as the other 5 entered the kitchen. “If this is about the OnlyFans, the answer’s no” Yoh said without looking up from packing up the lesson plan. “You’re in luck, it’s not about that,” Oso said with a big grin. “We’ve been invited to an event and we want you--” Choro put a hand overOso’s mouth. “We would be HONORED if you would accompany us!” “All 6 of you?”“It’s not just about the event…. We have a plan for revenge,” Ichi explained, and this was already awkward. “We’re gonna steal this dude’s shit and we need a distraction,” Todo said with a long smirk. “An-- I don’t know about that,” Yoh sluggishly put on the backpack. “What were you about to say?” Oso asked. “Nothing. I shouldn’t go. I have a shift at th store.” “We didn’t even tell you when it is, so you don’t know if you’ll be working,” Ichi pointed out. “They’ll be free food,” Jyushi commented, getting in front of Yoh. “Call Joleen.” “Joleen’s not as … calm,” Kara pointed out. “And, we don’t have the number...” Jyushi said quietly. Yoh paused and sighed, then rubbed the back-neck. “What do you want me to do, and how much you paying?” “That didn’t take much convensing,” Todo commented in satisfaction. “We’re thinking, maybe you and I would still the dancefloor while the others went to grab some capital gains,” Kara said in the try-hard smooth voice.There was a pause. “...You gonna answer the second question?” “Ah, yes! Pay” Choro said clapping hands together. “What do you want?” “You said capitail gains. I assumed you were talking about money, but if this is about jewerly I’m not--” Yoh looked down and put both hand up. After a breathe Yoh looked up with a big smile and said  “This isn’t a good idea! I should do tis! No, thank you!” “Why not? You sound like you know what you’re talking about,” Todo said knowingly. “”Listen fellas. I have a life I’m trying to leave behind, so I’m gonna leave it there. Just because I’m in sex work now, doesn’t mean I’m down for whatever. My jobs are my jobs.”“It-it would be pertenious of us to expect that of you,” Choro expressed in an over-the-top pose. “But, you’re the one who said--” Oso started but a thick heavy book went striaght into the face, and the sibling was laid out. “Yoh, this mayu sound strange, but you’re the only one we trust with this task,” Todo explained frowning. “And, we’ll make it worth your while!” Jyushi added. Yoh yawned and stratched, and there was another pause in the conversation. “When and where?” “Next Thursday evening,” Kara answered. “I’ll think about it,” Yoh replied. “Thank of all the business opps, Yoh,” Oso pleds with a swolned red face. “You didn;t answer where.” “Masion party right outside of toen, south,” Ichi answered. “Oh, not thanks. People get raped and go missing at those things.” “We’ll make sure nothing happens to you,” Kara assured.  “Don’t you have a snake in your coohie, anyway?” Oso asked and Choro gasped. “Just because I have a knife doesn’t mean I want to stab people!” Ichi looked confused, “Why not?” “Ugh! Are we still talking about this?” Todo yelled annoyed. “Yoh, what do you want as pay?” “I can’t think of anything,” the tutor replied, also annoyed. “You’re smart….” Kara chimed in. “You’ll think of something!” Jyushi egged on. “You’re not gonna let me leave, until I do,” the tutor grunted. “Alright, all of you owe me one favor each! That’s six favors!” Yoh yelled. “That wasn’t so bad, was it?” Oso asked with a sly shrug. “Just based on skill, I’m very confident I could dog walk all 6 of you on the same leash, but based on luck…. I’ve asked around, and you’re definiefly NOT a force to be reckoned with,” Yoh though with eyes tightly close and turned to leave. “What’s that face?” Got something you want to say?” Ichi sneared. “I’m just as afraid of you as everyone else,” the tutor wanted to say, but knew that would be another unwise move. “I... see you tomorrow,” came out in a deep shaky voice. “Ichimatsu, what the fuck? Yoh probably hates us now,” the tutor could hear Todo complain.After a hard night’s sleep, Yoh was back at the Matsuno house for a dance lesson. One of the servents let Yoh in and they walked into a sun-room dance studio. The servent left Yoh alone, but the tutor didn’t need to change, because trhe workkout clothes were already on. Th attrie was slightly baggy, but more of Yoh’s muscules were exposed. The tutor was doing some stratches as the sibllings walked in, and Yoh turned to them. “Good morning, bosses. What are we doing?” Yoh asked while continuing to stratch out. “You don’t have to call us boss,” odo said with a slith frown. “Honestly, I don’t think yesterday went well.” They all look at Todo.  “Well, you certainly could use some people skills, and I don’t really wanna be here… but… you owing me might be worth it.” “At least you’re honest,” Ichi commented.  “We shouldn’t get this off to a tense start. It will be better if you’re genuinely enjoying youself,” Kara pointed out, trying to be helpful. “Yeah, think happy thoughts. Free food, party crashing, favors, all the good things in life,” Ichi said smriking. “I’m going to quit tutoring you,” Yoh mentioned abrutly. “I was… trying to get away from being a get away driving.” Yoh sat on the floor, head down. “But, if I’m gonna walk like this again, I would rather be in a more respectable position than the naive tutor that gets pushed around.” They all frowned, but Todomatsu seemed the most remorsful. “Unless...” The siblings all looked at Yoh.Thetutor suddenly lunged and went stright into Jyushimatsu’s lower abdomine, and rammed the stronger one of them into the mirror wall. Karamatsu run twords them, and Patrick got down and swept Kara’s legs from under, and slammed him into Jyushimatsu. The other 4 were frozen in fear as Yoh turned to them and punched a hand. Yelling and whooping sounds came out of the room, and a few minutes later Yoh walked out with a big smile. “That was a great lesson! I’ll be back tomorrow!” the driver annouced brighting before exiting.Yoh was man of his word, and was back the next day. Jyushi and Kara were much better off than the other 4, and they were even mad. “So, if we admit we were shitty, you won;t kick our asses again?” Jyushi asked with all of them back in the studio. “Correct.” All 6 of them got in front of Yoh and bowed “We’re sorry we’re shitty!””I forgive you THIS TIME.”Kara and Pat dancePat get Patrick Royale and Patrick Static to crash the partyYoh tells them why quiting being a get away driver.Finding the baby in a dumpsterAs I decided to strap this, I’ll put down the rest of it:Kara ansd Pat dance, and go to an event. Pat got Joleen, Chevy, and Avery to crash the party to be a distraction instead.  Pat was going to see an old boss that also happened to know Fujio Akatsuka, amd Pat and the 6 bond over that later.J.J. was going to save Ichi and they were going to get together. Avery and Pat were going to fight over Kara, but Pat was going to give up, and Kara was going to sit on it for a while. Anoother OC that Pat has history with was going to come in and push Kara forward with Pat. Chris was going to be sweet on Dekapon, and be cautious on Hatabou. Chibita was going to get with Hatabou much later. Chris was going to end up with Todo.Avery admits not having much desire for Kara as a person. Pat’s past as a baby sitter comes out. Pat and the gang find a baby in a dumpster and take care of it.I was thinking about having some of the child Pat babysat show up.Joleen and Jyushi were going to be an item later on.My mental health isn’t down for writing this anymore. I’ll try again later.

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Scrapped Osomatsu AU fanfic Sept 2020 part 1

Busy Hands

Rating: ?

Pairings: OC x Kara, OC x Jyshi Hatabou x Chibita (yeah, I said it!) maybe OC x Tod, OC x Ichi

Contents: LGBTQ people, love and acceptance, HOLD YOUR CRINGE - Totoko

Warnings: Graphic… everything. I avoid using pronouns as much as possible, so it’s gonna be weird. Body type discussions.

The Matsuno Hotel Casino and Spa, far from the home of the rizty-est crowd. Not a place many high-rollers would consider, but a venue known for a large variety of events. There were flyers on the community board for events a casino wouldn't traditionally host. Some people ever had interviews there. A brown bold woman is sitting with a man, having a seemingly friendly conversation. “So, how old is your child, and what is the level of English?” the tutor asks kindly. The heavy-set buzz cut lumpy man looks at the tutoring business card again and back to the tutor. “I’m not sure. Your evaluation will tell you better than I can.” “Rephrasing the question: Does your child try to use any amount of English or absorb any English-speaking media everyday?” “Yes! It’s kind of strange, but yes.”  

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Detroit: become human Fan story ideas 2


This character is a nonbinary person, place holder name Cedar.  The events of become human happened in November, and this story takes  place in May.

It's now been months since the cyber-life robot  revolution. Connor and the other cyber-life robots that were appointed  to the Detroit Police department are helping the humans police officers  get ready for a full reintegration of the evacuation being lifted.  Senate has declare that AI is a new form of intelligent life and is  granted civil rights.

A fully covered person wearing all black  walks into the police station and tells the front desk person who they  are, but no one else can hear them. A police officer walks over and  escorts the person to the police captains office.

A lot of people  and robots are getting casual glances to the slightly unfamiliar site.  But then the person puts down there camping backpack and takes off their  hat and cloak to reveal a bald black voluptuous bodied person. the  captain gets up and hugs the person with obvious familiarity, and they  both noticed that no one outside of the office can seem to mind their  own business.

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Detroit: become human Fan story ideas

Detroit: become human
Fan story ideas


A trans man with a placeholder named diamond. He's tall, and I'm considering making him Indian.

He  comes in to Detroit right after the evacuation has been lifted and the  residences are starting to return to the city, after Senate has decided  that AI is a new form of intelligent life, and they have civil rights.  it's not hard to tell that this only applies to the robots that were  released by cyber-life, but no other AI models qualify.

meanwhile,  a lot of ne'er-do-wells have already been living in Detroit alongside  the robots, to take this as something of their second chance. A lot of  them nonviolent criminals, and a lot of them hackers - considerably  ethical or otherwise.

Diamond comes in to help a group of  hackers point out some of the more dangerous people that have taken  refuge in the supposedly human-life abandoned Detroit. The robots  reasonably have more personal issues with the hackers then the violent  criminals, and most of such criminals them are easily taken care of. The  robots have become okay with severely injuring or killing any humans  that attack them.

the humans in the Detroit Police department or  some of the first that are allowed to return, to re-establish some sense  of order, even though that never really left. While they were gone, a  lot of punks, robots, and hackers make the city a lot better.

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2 new casino au characters

Two more characters that I thought up for the casino Au fanfiction

A  cisgender woman that is a death model. She's a lot more lighthearted  and friendlier towards the sextuplets. being a death model and being  literally invested in death gives her a much different perspective on  life than any other character that I've ever thought of. So she has more  patience for their shenanigans, which helps a lot. She has the same  Spanish, Indian, and African origins as the previous character. She has  darker eyes and hair, though.

A transgender Mediterranean man who  is younger and doesn't have a whole lot of life experience, and his  naivete shows. he comes from a loving family and acceptable open-minded  society, so he's really coming out of his bubble. The plan is to visit  Japan long-term, and go back home. He is in Japan indefinitely, but with  the intention to return. Sandy brown hair and skin, with blond  eyelashes and dark green eyes, a lot of moles.

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3rd attempt at a Casino AU plot

Another casino Au idea.

Tje Matsunos take in a down-and-out drag  performer, and hired her is head of sanitation and room service and  assistant director of security Management.

Choro and Kara are  having an ongoing argument about how Kara stole the last woman from him  because he had feelings for her, but she had feelings for him. After she  performed fellatio on Kara, he dropped her, and she left because she  felt used.

She tells them about how her friend internally  started going after she liked and found out he was trans and she was  transphobic. He had to move for fear of being harassed and assaulted.  And, she tells them she knows what it's like to be used and thrown away.  But she points out that if she liked Choro she would still be here with  her, and he would do better to respect her choice.

she's not as  down and out as she seems, only because she highlights how she's not  doing as well as she wants to. She actually has a very large local fan  base. but she doesn't have the fan base for the performance and  achievements that she's working towards.

her fan base is more  around her cisgender modeling, but she doesn't like her chest, so she  wears binders and trans tape usually. she isn't as known for her drag  performances, even though she's very outlandish and charismatic.

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About the scrapped untitled dealer Au fanfiction

It looks like that because I used Google audio dictation to write it.  And as you can see, for the most part the other dictation is fucking  stupid.

the scrap story was about the main original  character named Lan Danny, a transgender man, coming to Japan from  Haiti. He already has some friends there, but one of the people that he  thought was his friend sold him out to the casino owners. They were  looking for someone because there are some people that have inherited  magic powers from space and Lan is one of them.

These  people are referred to as planetaries. On the other side of their power  spectrum is called the Gang beasts. They were created in a lab to  combat the planetary's Powers. They are humans that turned into mutants  in various laboratory tests. they were specifically made to combat the  people getting their powers from outer space, but the experiments went  rogue because they're still humans with free will.

there  are planetaries all over the world because the magic stones that came  from space landed everywhere, but there are only a few places with Gang  beasts. However, they can still be a higher concentration of Gang beasts  in some places more than others. 

in Japan,  they have more than enough for the size of their country. And the casino  owning sixtuplets wanted their own personal planetary bodyguard, which  is why the so-called friend sold Danny out. 

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Osomatsu Nerd AU idea - months later

I just came up with this stuff a few days ago.

New character at the school, gender yet to be determined. Parents have a  lot of money and want their child to have a diverse education  background. They start in the United States, then go to France, and then  go to Japan.

The student is coming in 3 months into the school  year, which is kind of an awkward time to enter. They mostly go  unnoticed at first just because of how people get settled in at that  point in the school year.

the character notices to students that  look alike wearing very different clothes, and one of them looks at you  before they get up to leave. A different boy that looks like the other  boys bumps into the character in the hallway, and they follow the boy to  an empty classroom where the other five are. the character can't help  but stare because they're looking at sextuplets, and then they start  talking.

the character is hiding until one of them walks over  having spotted them, and they start talking to them. they all decide to  befriend the character, and then the character starts getting attention  from other students and starts getting bullied.

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