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SCRAPPED untitled Casino AU Osomatsu fanfic part 4 - end

The next day, land woke up to a text message from todomatsu inviting him to have lunch with them, their parents, and two of their friends she betta and hot Abu. Man wasn't in a hurry to get away from Agatha and Zulu, who had spent the night in the living room. They all had breakfast together, and check the news. A few days ago, humans attempted to assault of planetary walking topless in India. of course, the idea was to try to Stone the person, but this planetary was a Saturn, so any Stones thrown were stopped in mid-air. And with a Saturn being able to manifest rocks as small as Pebbles and as big as 2-ton boulders the stoning went the exact opposite the way the attackers wanted it to.

They all had a good laugh from the news story and Agatha and Zulu left to continue their traveling before it was lunchtime. They were getting around using their powers, which was great for travel time and crossing borders. Borders are man-made imaginary lines that planetary did not abide by.

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SCRAPPED Osomatsu dealer au fanfic part 3

talking about Danny didn't go well. Why are you talking to them about Danny? Termites you asked with concern. I went to them for advice to see how I can fix what I messed up, but they basically said what you said. Definitely more and inferential loving type way though. But mom really derailed at Danny's gender situation. I don't know if I totally agree with this gender stuff either, but Mom is downright disrespectful." it's not your job to agree with it. It's your job to respect people for who they are ichimatsu said glaring at him. and really, someone's identity isn't anyone else's business. Just called and what they want to be called and move on. Choromatsu added. Yeah, I feel like I have the basics down a lot better than mom does. Kara commented.

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SCRAPPED untitled Osomatsu dealer au fanfic part 3

osomatsu looked at todomatsu as though the rest of the conversation wasn't going on. Did you tell lan what time the event starts? tell him I to stud blank for a second then went back into the Hall to have a short conversation about Wendy event starts. Then told him not to came back with the big smile and said yes as though he didn't forget. They all looked at him annoyed, but the evening moved on. of course, they left eventually, as they were only in his apartment to tell him that.

The sixtuplets were at the bottom of the main staircase to the casino floor, most likely waiting for land to come down. All of the customers and I guess we're chitter-chatter again going about their usual high stakes gambling ways. With the way they are arranged, they kind of look like bodyguards. Danny didn't have any clothes for such high-class pish-posh elitist events oh, so there was nothing that he had that would impress them. And usual fuck it fashion Danny came downstairs in an earth-toned baggy dress with a matching baggy jacket over the top to take away the focus from his chest, and a matching head wrap over his dreads and blue plastic bracelets, and matching sandals. Danny didn't like his legs to be restricted. and the dress wasn't made to show off any kind of figure. He added gold thin frame blue circular shades, which did a good job of clashing with his gray eyes. he put effort into being completely covered and not showing off any type of figure.

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SCRAPPED untitled Osomatsu dealer au fanfic part 2

even though Danny was too nervous to eat, they had taken care of he hygiene stuff. But they figured they should eat something because it was already past lunchtime at this point and he didn't eat breakfast.

Danny didn't have much else to do, so he decided to scour for some jobs in person. Getting to downtown was a quick bus ride, and he started looking around. Danny went into some places with help wanted signs in the window, and got about to conversations in before Danny accidentally bumped into a person on the street. Danny turned around and shouted sorry with a slight bow, trying to assimilate. The person turn to him to reveal that have his face was covered with a black medical mask. With the rest of him looked pretty clean, a dark blue satin shirt with a black jacket over it and dark purple, almost black pants, but black flip flops?

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SCRAPPED untitled Casino AU Osomatsu fanfic. part 1

Dealer! AU

OC x ???

A lot of original characters, all with personalities!


I scrapped this because the OCs were taking over. I didn't fix any errors, so if you choose to read this, good luck!


This story have people of color and LGBTQ people in it, because those people exist in real life, and anime sucks at that. 


A person dreaming in the window seat of an airplane window over to see them flying over Japan about to land at the airport. It took months of preparation with citizenship, and visas, and call us and all those other things that go on with moving to a different country. Moving from from Haiti to Japan was a lot more of a process than the person thought it would be, but it would be worth it if Japan was everything people said it is, especially in terms of finding work. The person knew that Japan didn't have a high immigrant population, and even less black people, so there would be some awkwardness and adjustments to be made, but this person was willing to endure it.

they had made a friend online in Japan, and the friend even came out to visit them and Haiti a few years ago. They figured since they already met this person in real life they could trust them. This person even set them up with a place to stay with their older sibling. However, that person wouldn't be very available due to having a very demanding job.

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Choromatsu Matsuno in Matsunosame!

So, the project is called MatsunoSama and I'm working on character bios now.

I don't like the way the new staff did my boys from 1988, so I'm doing them my way! Fujio wanted better for them, and so do I!

Instead of being NEETS, they're fully funcationally in a fucked up economy, so they're trying to figure out there way to success by doing gigs and odd jobs. Some questionably legal. Some not legal, at all.

Choromatsu is a genderqueer drag queen, that is also a remote customer service rep and virtual assissant, and online content creator with Todo, and Jyushi.

He's a mama's boy, which is kind of annoying, but he inculds her in his content and she loves the attention.

I'll have his full bio out soon. Working on it now!

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Something I thought up 5 seconds ago that won’t go anywhere!: MatsunoTale

Osomatsu-kun/ san – Undertale

The Matsuno bros all go up Mt Ebott, one after the other to find the previous brother/s that went missing. They all leave within a year of each other.

The last one to go has to be the Determination soul, obviously.

The first to go in Oso, because he’s the most rebellious. He only went because he wanted to prove that he could come back, despite the legend. Orange soul – bravery.

Ichi follows because he knows where he went. He leaves a note telling the others where he went, and not to follow him – because of the legend. Blue soul – integrity.

Choro is third because he doesn’t want the other 3 to go, and he believes against all odds that he can return and bring Ichi and Oso back with him. Purple soul – perseverance.

Kara is forth, because he is the first to be able to leave their parents’ watchful guard. He wanted to stay to keep the other 2 from going, but left after Jyshi’s first attempt to leave and getting caught. Green soul – kindness.

Jyshi is next to go because the others are gone, he knows they’re not coming back, and he doubts they’ll he’ll even find their bodies, but he doesn’t want Todo to go. Cyan soul – patience.

Todo is the last because without his brothers and his parents because drowned in grief and depression life has lost it’s meaning. Red soul – Determination.

When he gets to the end and conforms all of the others are dead and their souls have been exacted and kept, he decides to continue to live in the underground. He has befriended all the monsters, but has an unending spite for the deaths, and keeps them down their own his own accord. He hates them, but he never hurts them.
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Digi. TAL/ No.Mad

Kind of art related, because this may affect my meduim. I'm currently making the decision to get myself together to be a digital nomad. I have a tablet, smartphone, and laptop. I have a cheap usb mic, and I'm considering getting a drawing tablet, but I'm going to see if drawing apps on a browsing tablet are just as good, first.

I've also been churning out A LOT of content. Art, videos, and blogs alike. I've had alot to put on all my platforms, recently, and I'm very excited about the future!

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It's been more than a year since I've updated this, and I am ashamed.

Where does the time go?!

I have new ideas, but I really been acting on much to major stress that is now over, and I'm finally recovered from!

The newest idea, that I might actually act on, is a comic about a transgirl with "anger issues". She losses her arm, and travels - for reasons. What's important is that in her travel she teaches people the importants of action. Of course, her approach to everything is "BE ANGRY AS FUCK, MOTHERFUCKER!" but different people take that in very different ways. The story turns out to be about the power of passion and action, rather than straight anger, and they all live happily ever after!

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